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ZetaTalk: Demand for Proof
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

You will find, as the awakening to galactic consciousness proceeds over the next few years, that the demand for proof of our existence will increase rather than decrease. You will also find, in line with what you have already experienced, that there will be no amount of proof that will satisfy these demands. Proof stands before the world today. Crop circles and their residual impact on soil and vegetation, mass sightings, disappearing pregnancies. When one gets into the game of proof, one is speaking to the wrong people. Do you have any doubts about the extent that people in denial will go to? Speak to people accused of horrific crimes against their loved ones. It didnít happen. It most certainly wasnít them. Homo Sapiens, as with most intelligent species, has the capacity to argue against unpleasant facts. As the unpleasant nature of these facts increases, so do the arguments.

Have you heard the argument that the majority of a teacher, or parent, or managerís time is spent on the troublesome? This is certainly true of the efforts of the police, who are a corps only because of the troublesome. The troublesome are few, but receive almost all the attention. We take a different approach in our contacts with humans. We ignore the troublesome, as they make their own bed, spiritually speaking, and must lie in it. In addition, the troublesome donít hinder our efforts. We are beyond their reach. We communicate with those who will make a difference, who are either currently dedicating their lives to worthwhile efforts or will presently do so. We direct our efforts to those who share our goals.

Of course, if we were to give humanity absolute proof, there would be repercussions. It is rather deliberate that the press of information that you are not alone as intelligent creatures in God's universe is very gradual. It is not by accident that toys, TV shows, and everyday conversations in the workplace talk about aliens and have alien figures, and that this is casually accepted without fear. This is because this has been slowly interjected. Were there to be aliens marching down the street or appearing on TV next to the President of the United States, there would be heart attacks, there would be savage attacks most certainly against those individuals who are contactees. They would be torched, shot, or stoned as Pat Robertson has suggested, and it would not be a good scene.

Be advised that the rules in place guiding our contact do not allow us to dance in the skies at your command. They do not allow us to manipulate your reality so that you can claim confirmation of our existence. You need not look far for proof of these statements. It is common knowledge that photos and videos that would be too staunch in their veracity simply do not develop. Likewise, the only physical evidence of alien biological existence or technology is in the hands of your government and other governments in alliance with your government on the alien issue. If this seems to you to be a double standard, it is. How the Transformation and the Awakening is happening on your Earth has been very carefully thought through, and there are definite rules to abide by.

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