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ZetaTalk: Call Down a Ship
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding deliberate attempts by humans to communicate openly with us by signaling our craft, hoping for a response. This is a point of much confusion among humans. Are they not giving The Call? Why are we seeming not to respond? We are not allowed to dance in the skies at your request. The Call is personal, relating to a chat with the person, and this is done by speaking to the subconscious as your mass consciousness has not yet risen to the level where we can present ourselves consciously. You give The Call, and may not know consciously that you have done so. Likewise, whether you consciously or unconsciously give The Call, we will respond to you in your subconscious. If you recall this, because you meditate or undergo hypnosis, our response may appear in your conscious. However, when presenting this to the mass conscious, your public, your recall can be questioned, and this is by design.

If we cannot dance in the skies at your request, then what are all the reported sightings about? There are several criteria that must be in place before a sighting can occur. First, all who will be able to see the ship, in 3rd Density, must be sufficiently acclimated so as not to be alarmed. Second, the sighting must not be able to be recorded on any media that cannot be disrupted. This precludes live TV, for instance. Personal cameras do not stop a sighting, as we actively destroy film in personal camera at the present time. The picture simply does not develop. Third, the overall impact of reports of the sighting must not trip the balance among other groups, such that they move from curiosity to fear. Where humans complain when a local sighting is not reported broadly, this in fact furthers our progress. The locals can be acclimated, at their own pace.

However cruel this may seem to those who desire contact, openly, with us, we must consider the welfare of the mass. Most humans are aware that aliens exist, but are only comfortable with this on a theoretical basis. Meeting face-to-face is another matter. Dealing with the hard reality is another matter. Fireside chats about these matters, when one is comfortably at a distance, is much different than finding out that it is all so true.

We will relate this to an experience where an explorer packs up and plans a hiking trip. Yes, he knows that wild animals roam the forests and hills. Yes, he knows that the wild animals potentially to be encountered will not harm him, as they are deer or elk or small wild cats or foxes and the like. Nothing that would undertake an attack on a human, and in fact, quite the reverse. The explorer sets out, all confident and well prepared. Then off in the hills, all alone and at some distance from civilization, the explorer encounters a fox. Both freeze. The fox is in fact terrified, frozen in its tracks, but the explorer, never having seen a fox before, is subject to all kinds of misinterpretations. That mad gleam in the fox's eye, which is in fact terror, is interpreted as unmitigated fury and determination. That fluffy tail, which is in fact a defense mechanism of the frightened fox, is seen as the fox's preparation to attack. Long after the fox has bolted into the woods, the explorer will find his heart beating wildly, and he will be uneasy for the rest of the trek.

Therefore, while we appreciate attempts to call forth a meeting, by individuals or groups, we cannot have these meetings in your conscious. We would suggest, to those feeling disappointed, that they check in with their subconscious. They may be pleasantly surprised!

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