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ZetaTalk: Crop Circle Hoaxes
Note: written on Sep 15, 2001

Crop Circle hoaxes appeared early in the game, when the populace became aware of legitimate crop circles and entranced by them. Hoaxes were led at first by the CIA, as an arm of MJ12 and nervous government heads, particularly during the Reagan/Thatcher era. England, as we have mentioned, was a choice location for legitimate circles as the populace is intelligent and given to puzzle solving, and publicized their circles well and with great pride. The early Hoaxes were simply bumpkins announcing they had laid them with boards, and demonstrating this. This took time, did not bend without breaking the grain, did not make perfect geometry, and left footprints all over the area, but the media was instructed to give these bumpkins credit and being run basically by the establishment or friends of the establishment, they did as instructed.

In 2001, a new brand of hoax appears, which was quickly recognized for what it was. Not given the major media coverage that the early hoaxes were granted, these were left to be examined by talk shows and the public, who quickly recognized the crude and unfamiliar characteristics. Where legitimate circles have perfect geometry, are laid down almost instantaneously and without footprints, and leave the grain bend and growing, these lacked all of those characteristics. More particularly, they were designed, rather obviously to be understandable to the public, with recognizable features and symbols - the Face on Mars, data sheets, and automobiles. More grain was trampled than left standing, a technique to cover footprints, and any geometry imprecise. Who did these hoaxes in 2001, and why?

Factions have developed in the establishment, often running in different directions. Early in the cover-up of the coming pole shift and alien presence was determined to fool the populace about the coming pole shift until the end and retain the respect of the populace by keeping them ignorant of the alien presence. But by 2001, a major faction had decided that alerting the populace in some way about the coming earth changes would allow some to survive and become farming communities, thus taxable and able to be ruled by an elite. Likewise, since the alien presence was making itself known, absolute denial would lead the populace to ignore the establishment, a loss of respect. However, within the establishment, resentment of the new approach lingers, and it was these rebels who perpetrated the hoax, desperate to get the upper hand in some manner. Expect this to be followed by announcement of the human perpetrators. Few who have viewed legitimate circles will be fooled.

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