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ZetaTalk: ZetaTalk Predictions
Note: written on Jan 15, 2002

Many works talk of the passage, but ZetaTalk is the first and only to speak to 2003 [Note: see 2003 Date explanation]. We are known for our bluntness, often complained about, for one. Additionally, many groups are reluctant to cause human pain, as the reality that they and their loved ones will die, often painfully, and their lives as lived today hollow, their leadership lying to them, is painful. Thus, they blunt the truth, and clothe it in reassurances of better times to come. We have courage, and are working with our emissary Nancy as we are because of her courage.

Comparisons to ZetaTalk are constantly being made. As we have pointed out, at least half of all claimed messages from higher or other sources are false. The perpetrators know this, are consciously aware they are writing a fiction, and enjoying the attention they are getting or the money they are getting if they are a disinformation artist for hire. Beyond the deliberate falsehoods perpetrated, there are the valid or semi-valid messages. Of these, the contactee is often mixing in their own fear or prejudices, coloring the message. Of these, the aliens communicating with the contactee or channel may have their own reluctance to announce the truth, as the coming Earth changes will be horrific for most of mankind. Then there are those valid messages relayed, which are confused as to context. As with Cayce, who describes Earth changes the week of the rotation stoppage, or during the hour of the shift, not after the shift itself. Why would he do this? Cayce and those communicating with him felt that mankind would be most aware, and relating Cayce's message to their situation, during those times. So those comparing ZetaTalk to Cayce find differences, not understanding this.

Our general advice to mankind is to evaluate other communications in accordance with their proven validity. Nancy has been stating much, lately, that ZetaTalk has a track record. Scallion too, and Cayce. If a site is not to be assumed to be just so much hot air, and worthless, then it must have predicted, regularly, and be found valid! If not, then please don't bother asking us for a comparison to garbage!

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