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ZetaTalk: Past
Note: written on Feb 15, 2002. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Prior to Roswell, visitors were not required to record their visits only in the subconscious of humans. As the book, the Vedas, reports, humans saw their visitors as having all manner of shapes. In trying to relay their experiences, humans often stumbled and struggled. Many described them as odd animals, but beyond the physical appearance of their visitors, how to describe the phenomena that accompanied them? Levitation, space ships suddenly appearing or zooming away, lasers, the ability to disarm humans without touching them, etc. Thus, fire, wind, whatever might relay this experience, became the verbal story. This often confused those who came later, and could not ask for clarification of the story teller. To further cloud the issue are the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet, who lived among mankind until a few millennia ago. They live in the Bible, as the giant Goliath, for instance, and are real visitors in hominoid form. They are the Gods of Mt. Olympus, the Visigoths in Germany, and giants reported elsewhere. Thus, visitors in many shapes and forms are mixed in with myth, and current mankind is left to sort it out. In the main, take your myths and stories in this context, and see what the picture paints! Most folklore is not story telling, but a serious attempt to pass on important information.

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