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ZetaTalk: Mass Landing
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding mass landings. This will not occur. This rumor has been spread by Service-to-Self groups, periodically, because of the fear and anxiety this engenders in humans. This is by design, as frightened humans are more easily pushed into becoming recruits for the Service-to-Self orientation in that these emotions tend to focus one on the self. There will be no mass landing. None. The Council of Worlds will prevent this, and in fact has prevented this in the past. As such a happenstance is much desired by the Service-to-Self, they have of course pushed endlessly for this. Why has this not occurred to date? Because controls are in place. We will relay that the only circumstances that would allow for a mass landing to occur would be for the majority of the Earth's inhabitants to turn to the Service-to-Self orientation, and by majority we mean that almost 100% would have to be at that point. This high percentage is required, as the Service-to-Self are not given to free will latitudes, being coercive intimidators.

To those in the Service-to-Others orientation, however, the concept of free will is natural. Those in the Service-to-Others are not striving to raise the anxiety level or frighten humans during the Awakening. In fact all aliens visiting Earth at this time are required to record a visit only in the subconscious so as not to trip the balance in the general populace, as the orientation of the future Earth has been, by vote of Earthlings, to be Service-to-Others. It is not ourselves in the Service-to-Others orientation, therefore, who would benefit from rumors of a mass landing.

Reports of pending mass landings periodically make the rounds. As this will not be allowed, why do these reports continue to emerge? The answer lies in looking to who benefits from the reaction to these reports. As we are restrained by the Rules of Engagement from discussing activities of those in the Service-to-Self, we can say no more regarding any specific rumor.

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