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ZetaTalk: Ramtha
Note: written on Mar 15, 2002

The entity claiming to be Ramtha, speaking through a channel, is widely viewed as a male entity, and for good reason. This is not via a channel, but from a male associate of the channel, a woman. Why the deception? In the world of man, it is males who have influence, but females who are allowed broad scope in what they report, in that they are assumed to be illogical and emotional. This in conjunction with the stage presence and appearance and confidence of the individual who would be the public front, determined which of the pair would go on stage. The male contactee determines the content of the Ramtha messages, but the newscaster is a woman claiming to be a channel. This contactee is arrogant and in contact with Service-to-Self entities as was Tesla. He received information and projections allowing him to have a substantial track record on predictions, in order for the Ramtha message to gather a large following, which it did. As with the Service-to-Self aliens giving the original MJ12 group ships, supposedly to allow them to secure the technology, this was a false promise. MJ12 never secured any technology, as dissecting the ships energy source or navigation devices caused explosions. But the myths of a technology exchange for access to American citizens exists today. Thus, Ramtha, after establishing his initial repute, was no longer given information, as he was considered cutting lose from his bonds by his controllers. Frustrated in increasing his scope, he turned to petty control games, revealing his true orientation in these later days.

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