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ZetaTalk: Baird Spalding
Note: written on Mar 15, 2002

Baird Spalding like many strongly in the Service-to-Others orientation has developed a reputation. This is not so much due to acts or predictions, but the simple impact that a strongly Service-to-Others lifestyle and entity can have. Like Jesus, who left all who heard him speak or watched him in action impressed deeply, Spalding speaks not so much through words as by actions, the true test of orientation. Spalding like many who wished a message to remain with those who heard it took liberties. The Star Wars series is fiction, but speaks greatly to the true interaction between Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others, and the contests mankind finds himself in almost daily. The Urantia Book likewise is fiction, but beloved by many for the picture it paints. Fiction, or pseudo-fiction, often has an impact greater than the truth, and is not considered a sin in higher realms if the mission is accomplished.

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