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ZetaTalk: Falon Gong
Note: written on Apr 15, 2002

Communism in China repressed several elements present in normal human society. They purged intellectuals, glorifying the farmer over the historian and scientist. They repressed religion, putting Communism forth as the only religion allowed. The goal was to have a totally focused populace, such that only the state, and working as a producer for the state, would be tolerated in the eyes of the common man. But like all repressive regimes, they failed to satisfy or leave allowances for the mind of man, seeking to address what they sense, but could not see. The thugs running the Communist regime sought to destroy the elite they could not join, the University intellectuals, creative individuals, and in their opportunity to have jealousy prevail, killed thousands and threatened untold others. In their desire to be worshipped as saviors, as idols, they destroyed religion and the sense of mankind that the physical is not all there is. But in their stupidity, the heavy-handedness of the thug, they assumed that by preventing eyes from looking elsewhere, and thoughts from roving, they would have eyes and minds pointed in adoration toward them, but in this they were naive. The intellectuals of China went underground, learned to limit their discussions among like kind, and went overseas and to other countries in many cases, but did not desist or die. And religion, the reaching out of the soul for the unseen and unprovable, but sensed, likewise hardly went away. In quiet households, traditions and discussions remained, cautious but steadfast.

Where little is heard from China in the UFO community, this hardly means that sightings and contactees are nil there. China is huge, the population immense, and the people bright and hard working, long suffering and tenacious. So what has happened, outside the view of western man and the nightly news on CNN? Sightings, and contacts made so broadly that the common man and woman know about the alien presence more certainly than in western civilizations! The Chinese people are intelligent, patient, and tend to business regardless of health problems, starvation, weather problems, or the rigidity of their governments. They are thus very ready for yet another intrusion, the alien presence. They handle this well, like all other burdens they must bear, stoically. Thus, as contactees, they proved to be ideal, and when giving The Call got a proportionate response. Those contactees who would have their life destroyed, are given a light response. Those who can handle it, a broad or intense response. The Chinese people have proved a group that can handle it, and thus were given an appropriate response. CNN does not spread knowledge of the alien presence, which can be a knowledge spread village to village, household to household, and in the farm fields, far from those who would control the mind of China, in discussion during the day. Thus, China is more advanced in knowledge about the alien presence, as few households do not know of someone, a friend or neighbor, who has had an experience.

The Falon Gong movement had a resonance with these people, such that they recognized others who had similar experiences, and joined. The message was simply - man was not alone, the alien presence was real, change was at hand, and a man was not a captive of his government, was free. This was an immense threat to the Communist elite in control, so they thought, of China. Falon Gong advocates were tortured, killed, imprisoned, and treated worse than criminals for nothing more than a desire to have a healthy lifestyle and a simple viewpoint. The over-reaction of the Chinese government to this movement shows the threat free thinking and an open heart bear to them. This is, to a minor degree, what the western world presents to contactees and those who would be free of government restraints. If 50% of the US population or better feel the alien presence is real, then why the intense debunking that goes on? If mothers with babes in their arms are shot dead by the FBI, because of the threat of non-payment of taxes to the US Government, then how free are US citizens to speak or think freely? Falon Gong is in China, but the heavy hand of the Chinese government is not unique. Look about you and you will see a similar heavy hand hovering above you!

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