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ZetaTalk: Renewed Circle Hoaxes
Note: recorded during the May 11, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Re the Chilbolton circles, which show a face and a pattern akin to binary code or radio - there are several indications that these are man-made, not genuine.

  1. They do not follow the previous pattern, which is mysterious and circular, not rectangular and obvious.

  2. They are crudely done, with broken grain which will not grow again and grain bend in all directions.

  3. They are not the size of genuine circles, being tiny not massive, and thus able to be done by man in his fakery.

So what was the point? Why were they done? The early debunkers claiming to have done the circles with boards, in England, got lots of media attention but were not, frankly, believed by the public. Those running the debunking program wished for a fresh start, and these circles are an attempt to get back into the media. After awhile, the plan was for them to come forward and present video of the making, and thus debunk afresh that crop circles are alien.

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