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ZetaTalk: Signs
Note: recorded during the May 11, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The message from the establishment on the meaning of Crop Circles is:

  1. cling to your government, who will protect you,
  2. be suspicious of anything alien, they are out to eat or enslave you,
  3. man wins out over aliens, even with inferior technology.

Nothing new in the movie business, sad to say.

Note: below added during the August 31, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Since the movie Signs generated interest and attendance, the powers that be have decided countering information was required. Not enough that Signs presented aliens, once again, as desiring to carry off and eat humans, and that humans could counter this by going mano-a-mano with aliens, hand to hand combat. Both silly premises. But Signs made the mistake of actually informing the public at large that Crop Circles, genuine circles, had a quality that humans could not perpetrate - bend but not broken grain. To the horror of the elite, who want the human populace to only cling to them, and to fear and push away the alien presence, the public went to see this movie in droves, and commented among themselves about the validity of Crop Circles being alien. Thus, two phenomena emerged, shortly after the premiere.

  1. fake crop circles, reasonably well done, emerged, which could be claimed later to be fakes, which they are.
  2. books and supposed experts emerged confusing the issue, claiming that fakes are real, real are fakes, and the like.

The real focus should be on those characteristics which cannot be faked, such as the bent but not broken grain, then continues to grow! Is this being placed as the defining characteristic? Not at all, and thus is proof of the disinformation characteristic of the current Crop Circle blitz.

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