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ZetaTalk: Staged Invasion
Note: recorded during the June 22, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

This rumor, spread by Greer, of a pending alien invasion, staged by the government, is unlikely to occur but as it is in the hands of man, anything could happen. The problems facing such an attempt to get the public well behind an all out Star Wars funding and effort would be to declare an invasion from space. The thought, also, would be to bring many countries behind the US in this. Russia, of course, would not buy into that, being privy to the alien presence all along. The primary problem with this plan is threefold.

  1. they would have to stage an invasion that would equal in technological skill what much of the world has already come to understand, or has personally seen, in alien technology - sudden disappearances, right angle turns at high speeds, gravity control, etc. Thus, a poorly staged "invasion" would actually come back on the perpetrators, a horror they contemplate continuously.

  2. to announce an alien invasion would be to admit to the alien presence. Leaks around the edges of this story would surely occur. Those reporting would forget what they were supposed to just have learned and start talking about what they already know. The public would see past this, realize they had been lied to all along, and once again, the perpetrators have shot themselves in the foot.

  3. we, and our brethren, realizing we are to be used in this manner, could foil the staged invasion by a real display of our technology, highlighting the difference in a manner no one could miss, and by our presence creating blunders in the execution of the staged invasion so the truth would be out without question.

Thus, we predict, albeit with the caveat that this is in the hands of man and could change as their free will rules in this matter, that no such invasion will be staged.

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