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ZetaTalk: Windmill Hill
Note: recorded during the July 27, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

This newest, and magnificent, crop circle shows a Closing Circle, not the relationship between celestial areas of influence only somewhat affecting each other. Notice the closing circle, the tightening noose. What is this saying? That the time for distance, and nominal, affect, is past. It is saying that the hand that was only swatting at you, from afar, causing a whistling wind past your ears, is now gripping you by the ear, and shaking you! No more wondering about equilibrium, and what we mean by this when we explain how a planet so far away can affect your weather. Now you will see this monster approach, and your governments quake as the increasing earthquakes, as it is upon you! This is what the newest circle in England means, in case this meaning escaped your notice.

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