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ZetaTalk: Jelaila Starr
Note: written during the Sep 7, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Jelaila Starr of the Nibiruian Council is not a valid contactee, nor channel, and in fact is in contact only with her imagination and greed. There is nothing of worth in her reports, which cannot be proven and have no basis for accuracy tabulations. Is what she says about the intentions of the hominoids on Nibiru correct? Can you ask them? Can she bring one forward to report in person? None of her statements can be verified, nor will she allow herself to be interviewed live, bombarded with questions ad hoc as Nancy has, from the start. She first discounted all that ZetaTalk stated, but has lately adopted the message as her own, hoping to share the stage. She will not be the last wannabe.

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