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ZetaTalk: Hoagland
Note: written during the Sep 14, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

This mishap by NASA, wherein images taken by the Mars Surveyor that could be overlaid to show what NASA has been determined to hide were posted onto the NASA web site, will not be the last such mishap. The nervous peons at NASA, increasingly asked to work miracles during a time of rapid change, unexpected events, and unknown factors they are supposed to take into consideration, are dealing with rage. What causes mishaps? One can be worried, distracted, and this certainly is the case at NASA. They are headquartered at Houston, clearly subject to flooding and likely to be underwater early in the shift time, but at the same time they are expected to remain at their posts, loyal and true! One can be weary, asked to carry too many tasks, asked to keep an eye on too many trends at once, all running in different directions, and simply make a fatigue blunder. Autocratic bosses seldom consider the underling, who is barked at, and asked to do more, and told they are failing and incompetent when the boss is under stress. The boss, of course, can be incompetent, selfish, arrogant, but the underling is supposed to be unaware of that and try harder.

NASA peons are asked to maintain a cover-up of aliens, when their presence is increasing. They are asked to maintain a cover-up of Planet X, soon to be visible worldwide, due to ZetaTalk fame and coordinates posting, and are hard pressed as to what to say when. They are damned if they ignore it, damned if they identify it as some other object, and certainly damned by their bosses when the public does not buy whatever tack is taken. The bosses, however, expect a miracle, and none can be wrought. So if distraction, worry about getting the self and family to a safer location, and fatigue at being asked to stretch beyond the human ability and capacity is not enough to cause an error, what is? Rage, the seething desire to see the hated bosses fry, get caught, lose it on national TV, themselves get caught in the floods, themselves get caught in a lie they cannot explain, anything but saunter around acting arrogant and untouchable, sneering at the peons like they are less than worms.

So what happened, to allow Hoagland this perfect example of a cover-up, all pieces of the puzzle in place, marked by NASA as authentic, and no explanation other than that some normal steps taken on these images were missed? More than fatigue, more than distraction, but a subconscious leak, allowing these images to get there before a review was done, as is a standard practice at NASA. Ooops, didn't this get reviewed? It was in that pile, in this queue, one assumed, one was sure a comment had been made, what happened to that sticker on the monitor saying go ahead with your day's work, etc. This will not be the last such slip, and many will happen because of distraction and fatigue, but more will occur because the peons are enraged. And what does the Summary Image show, of Mars? Indeed, given the mining operations there, avenues for water washing are clear in the images. The standard construction of hominoids, on Earth, of geometric shapes, squares, rectangles, avenues straight away, not what nature designs but what many running vehicles design. These cities laid out along a bluff, protecting the city from wind, not into or over the bluff, but where the land lies flat. It is quite unmistakable for a human hand design, and none who see it mistake it, despite the pathetic explanations of the NASA peons told to go forth and work miracles amid the public.

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