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ZetaTalk: Leaks
Note: written during the Nov 30, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Long withheld British Files on real sightings experienced by their military are suddenly forthcoming. Why? The Brits, in alliance with the US, are very busy these days, Blair trying to be a good buddy while taking intense heat from his lawmakers and public. Bush trying to find reason for a war with Iraq, so their oil can be well in hand and Israel put in charge of Iraq and Saudi oil prior to the shift, as planned. Where publicly waving and smiling, they are anything but happy behind the scenes, and they and their staff are increasingly ignoring relatively minor matters. Like children who sneak out and raid the refrigerator when the parents are holding a party on the patio, one drink too many and loud conversation and music, those in their governments long wanting to reveal these matters to the public see their chance. Look behind these slips, the lack of oversight, to what must be going on in the smoke filled rooms of power! What would be so engrossing that they would overlook what was in such tight control just years ago?

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