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ZetaTalk: Taken
Note: written during the Dec 14, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Spielberg produced, in the past, the ET movie, Close Encounters, and was known to be ET friendly in this regard. A Star Child, well versed in his past life experiences and educated in his present incarnation with the variety of life forms and the rules the Universe operates under, he was here on a mission. It was announced that ET would be re-released in theaters this past summer, but this did not occur, merely a DVD version for sale. Instead, in the manner of recent film releases, Taken was produced, obvious from the commercials to be akin to the message given by ID4 and Signs. The aliens are here to eat you, takeover the planet, but mankind going into hand-to-hand combat with aliens can win the day! This tone in the recent movies is reflective of what is being allowed to be presented to the public, via Hollywood, which does indeed get censored by the powers in the White House.

So how would Spielberg, given his message, but only allowed to produce a movie in line with the anti-alien strong-arm tactics in place since the Bush administration assumed a virtual Martial Law of the media, tell the truth? Nancy had been asked about this, before it was aired, and simply stated via email to wait to see what Spielberg would do with the series. In other words, the commercials would not forecast the ultimate message, and they did not. There is a mixture of truth and fiction, as usual in the movies.


Truth is primarily about the government role, their agenda, from start to end. Shown as ambitious for the technology, coveting this for themselves in elite groups, and keeping the truth from the public. Truth in that the CIA, highly influential to the point of dominating MJ12 in the early days, would experiment on humans suspected of being contactees or use military personnel like lab rats. Truth in assassinations freely done, by those in the Secret Government, outside of the official rules the Governing Board operated under, but allowable under the need-to-know secrecy that kept most operations from being discovered.


Spielberg was allowed to display the government, the CIA, with this degree of truth as he presented the contactee experience as taken, an abduction. But look to the actual effect or real contactees! Even in the contactee support group, the rampaging gunman was not a contactee, but someone abused and angry and looking for attention in his denial of his actual childhood abuse. Contactees, while screaming and enraged at being taken, later were presented, to a one, as having integrity, being loving and protective of others, and basically in the Service-to-Others orientation.


And what about the agenda of the aliens, clearly presented as Zetas. They are shown cooperating with honest requests, as the MJ12 agent wanting to see his dead father again, even at the sacrifice of the Zeta life in this cooperation. They are shown as wanting hybrids, which is a truth, although the real reasons for the hybrid program were disguised into scientific curiosity rather than in step with the Transformation of the Earth. It was implied that humans died under their hand, during early DNA or hybrid attempts. This is a falsehood insofar as human devastation, but not insofar as Hybrid devastation, as our early attempts were often failures, and those incarnating souls living out their lives, by choice, in diminished bodies as a result. The Zetas are shown as being protective of their hybrids, a truth.

Thus, in the end, the general tone comes across as pro Zeta as scientists, pro hybrid as strongly Service-to-Others, pro contactee as high integrity and self sacrificing and protective of others, and anti CIA and MJ12 in their human agendas and ruthless actions! Not bad, Spielberg, while operating under gun fire and with an almost impossible agenda to achieve!

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