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ZetaTalk: Sylvia Browne
Note: written during the Dec 21, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

After for many years denying such a possibility, this week celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne announced on the Art Bell show that she now sees a worldwide natural cataclysm in the future, and the disappearance of mankind within 5 years.
Pole Shift Discussion Group

We have mentioned that many aliens channeling, to valid channels, are reluctant to announce the coming cataclysms. We have explained that this is due to:

  1. not wanting to be the bearer of bad tidings,
  2. not having a human willing to be the bearer of bad tidings.

Those alien groups pulling back from a full truthful account of what mankind will experience have several reasons for doing this. First, as with any relaying of discomfiting news, the news bearer is also discomfited. So, the news bearer would prefer not to experience this discomfit, call it cowardice or pandering to the self or a weakness. Second, there are those who feel that the news would be delivered to many who could not do anything with the news, could not move, prepare, and the agony would only be thus prolonged. This is akin to a doctor not telling a patient that they are dying until the dying day. In this case also, the doctor, the news bearer, is excusing themselves from discomfiting demands by the patient of family. Can the patient not be cured in some way, has the doctor done all he can, etc. In like manner, aliens presenting a pole shift scenario are asked, via their channels, endlessly, if all of mankind cannot be saved, lifted, the shift avoided, etc. Those alien groups presenting a rosy, or glossed over view, will explain the facts to those who they deem will be able to take it well, or deem could benefit from such facts.

Both factors, the channel and the human, are at play, so that one must have:

  1. an alien information source willing to tell the horrid truth,
  2. a human willing to be the bearer of this.

To date, none but Nancy has filled these shoes, but times are changing for several reasons. Where information sources have alluded to coming changes, they focus on the aftertime as being a better time, not the steps that will occur to get there. Earth changes are described in light text, heavy on the emphasis of glowing times afterwards: peace, cooperation, the return of Christ, or whatever. If the cataclysms are at all described, they are put into short phrases, such as "much death", without details. To state which areas of the world will experience tidal waves, which will quickly drown, which will freeze, which will choke on ash, and the like is too graphic. Readers of light text can imagine that others will experience something, but not themselves. This leaves the shift and its effect as theoretical, abstract. What has occurred that some sources are now leaning in the direction of addressing the coming times? In truth, for every source that moves closer to telling the truth, there are others who back away!

The earth changes are pressing in on all consciousness, undeniable, and thus the comfort of denial is increasingly hard to achieve. Those attuned to other voices have a choice, to shut it all out or listen, and if they chose to stay in contact will have to admit that something is around the corner. Like Scallion, who deals with this pain in this regard and taps in, or like Cayce, who likewise reported the unpleasant, some will be true channels for the truth. But likewise, some otherwise true channels will be increasingly flaky, vague, ethereal, and deny any rough times in the near future. Consider, when listening to these many voices, that a human is relaying this information, and place this in the context of what you know human behavior to be. How many of your fellows can take really bad news without trying first to deny it? Consider second that alien groups relaying information to humans may likewise prefer to save the really bad news until the last minute. We ask only that those looking for the truth consider the ZetaTalk accuracy track record, which is impressive to the point of standing alone in information received from a source outside of the human vehicle relaying it. There is no other channel or source with this track record.

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