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ZetaTalk: Urantia Book
Note: written on Aug 15, 1995

The Urantia Book is fiction, but like many books that are not based on fact, the message should not be negated or discarded. Fiction is, more often than not, the tool used to relay a message. Children learn extensively about relationships, the rewards and risks of adventure, the ultimate rewards of kindness, the ultimate outcome of selfishness - all through fiction. Personal lives seldom have the scope of lives in fiction. Time passes from beginning to end during the reader or listeners rapt attention span, allowing the lesson to be understood and not scattered by distraction. Fiction is thus often times a better story than the truth. Often a story can be relayed or accepted better if the listener is not sure of the outcome. Fiction can be woven in a way where more information is relayed than a simple fact based story can tell. Those who wrote the Urantia Book knew this and their important message should not be dismissed due to the shape of the package.

Take, for instance, the lessons relayed in the fictional series Star Wars. Does not Yoda, grumpy and disheveled and living in humble quarters, not exemplify many characteristics of a Service-to-Others individual? He has quirks, is reluctant, and people can relate. He also has a key role in a crucial battle between Good and Evil, and ultimately has this satisfaction. So it is often, in the Service-to-Others orientation. How could real life have stated this more effectively? The essential battle that takes place in 3rd Density entities, which is their orientation decision to either work with others and be empathetic or to go for the self, is very well relayed. The Urantia Book is such a story, very expertly woven and influenced without a doubt by many entities who wished to see this story told. Read it and appreciate it, and do not consider it a fabrication but rather an artistic description of the facts.

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