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ZetaTalk: First Impressions
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Adjustments to the others are an issue that is present anytime intelligent beings first meet each other. In the past, when humans thought not of creatures from outer space, they had no explanation if they caught sight of us or others from other worlds. Deliberate suppression of conscious awareness was not done in the past, or at least not to the degree done today. This is done today to reduce fear, but in the past curiosity was more often the reaction. What are those strange creatures? They simply gave us names, many different names.

On our part, we too had an adjustment to humans. Such smelly, hairy creatures, always up in arms at the slightest thing! Posturing to defend that not worth defending - the territory. Things we had put aside so long ago, ancient memories, had to be dredged up just to allow us to understand, again. One of the hardest adjustments has been dealing with the lack of understanding from humans, who in the main treat us like invaders. We are ascribed every sort of motive, although in truth those in the Service-to-Self crowd deserve the title, yet we are blamed for their deeds without even a trial. So quick to absolutes, those frightened humans. We have found it best to deal one-on-one. Where the mass rises in the direction the leader points, the single human ponders and lets the truth sink in. Pebble by pebble we build the mountain of truth.

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