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ZetaTalk: Signs of the Awakening
Note: written on Aug 15, 1995

Biologists in the lab deal in closed systems and open systems. Where the experiment is to be a closed system, every aspect of the biosphere is structured, and as many factors as possible are eliminated. If one wants to document how mice react to more daylight, a longer day, one has a control group of mice where the light is fixed, and another group of mice where the light is varied, steadily increasing. All else is rigidly structured for sameness. Same food, same feeding time, same amount of food, same degree of handling by humans, same amount of cage litter - no variance at all if possible. In an open system experiment few of the factors are tightly controlled, as there are too many variables. How do two different strains of mice get along with each other, and which survives the competition for resources? Put all the mice in one large cage, vary the environment with lots of exploratory debris, vary the feeding schedule, subject the mice to extraneous noise once in awhile, and watch. The Awakening is now in an open system, where formerly closed, and several trends are already apparent.

Decades ago contactees were visited on an individual or at most family basis. Almost always, a contactee vaguely aware of this activity kept it to themselves or at most shared it with a trusted confidant. Closed system. Now contactees are meeting each other, not only in their subconscious during visitations, but in support groups, Internet chat groups, and while browsing at the book store. Government denial has become an indirect education program, religious leaders are formulating their explanations, TV and movie producers want to be on the leading edge of a media opportunity, and politicians are seen gladly accepting alien endorsements. Open system.

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