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ZetaTalk: Ashtar
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Entities go by many names, and in some cases they falsely represent themselves. One must bear in mind that entities in higher densities are not pure, without self focus or ego, nor are they without failure and the resultant guilt. Service-to-Others is not a purity of service, where the entity thinks only of others. This is not realistic, as the entity must watch out for the self, lest the self be destroyed or placed in a position where the incarnation is abortively ended. Service-to-Others is represented by those entities who, in the overall, think of others as often as they concern themselves with the self. There is also some competition between Service-to-Others groups, as competition is not something that ends in the 3rd Density. The Earth is particularly prone, in the Zeta experience, to competition from various Service-to-Others groups. This is because of its history, where various groups involved themselves in guiding Earthlings at various times. The genetics of Earthlings is a soup pot from ourselves, the Zetas, and several other genetically similar hominoids. It is unimportant just which group participated at what point in time, just as it is unimportant which group is affecting the salvation of mankind during the coming Transformation.

Ashtar is an entity group that at one time made contact with humans with the best of intentions. As they were not particularly forceful by nature, they did not defend themselves well when disinformation schemes were ployed against them, and have since left the Earth in disgust. This left a void, a perfectly good alien entity name, unused. The CIA and other groups associated with them snapped up this name, and built upon the legacy. Of course, the message changed from one of hope to one of deception and control. There are now many religious overtones to the new Ashtar message, including a promise that a Jesus Sananda will return to lift the righteous to safety during the coming cataclysms, but look closely and you will not see a message of love. Nor does the new Ashtar message encourage free thought or independence. The new Ashtar message has all the hallmarks of the Service-to-Self, which is not surprising seeing what lies at its base.

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