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ZetaTalk: Billy Meier
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

The Meier case has both truth and fiction mixed into it. Meier was contacted by Pleiadeans, who were answering The Call in the normal manner of Pleiadeans. This was in the subconscious of Meier, who worked at recall as many do. However, he was not left with any proof of the existence of aliens, anymore than others. As we have stated, the Awakening goes apace, but is not yet at the point where proof can be left in the hands of humans. What occurred in the Meier case was a combination of the genuine desire of Meier to communicate to others his experience, and the profit and fame motive. He found others believed him, as he was sincere in his descriptions and his tales. One thing led to another, and when proof was demanded, he produced this, literally. He did this to solidify his followers, and strayed little at first from the facts. After a time, as is the case in one lie leading to another, his stories began to deviate from the truth.

As with most contactees, Billy Meier caught the gist of what he was told more than he caught the specifics. What Billy Meier reported as dates for what he termed the great Destroyer, his term for the return of the 12th Planet, has no relationship to any information he was given. He was in fact not given dates, as he asked not to know. It is no surprise then that the dates he projects for the cataclysms are well beyond his life time. This type of denial is exceedingly common.

In his attempt to bolster his own stories about his very real experiences, Billy Meier also sought corollaries from history. Not having a name for his visitors, he assigned one, and called his many visitors by a singular name - Semjase. His very real experiences thus became further blurred with past reports just as flamboyant with untruths. Humans use names to identify each other and their leaders or idols, but visitors from other worlds operating in the Service-to-Others do not use names, being in telepathic contact with one another and thus not needing such props. By giving in to his desire to have fame over fact, Billy Meier marked his tales in a manner that would eventually leave him less and less believable. Contactees are increasingly coming forward with their stories, and stories that have been augmented eventually will stand out as lacking in the ring of truth.

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