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ZetaTalk: Mexico City
Note: written on Sep 15, 1995

The initial UFO sightings over Mexico City, during the celebrated eclipse, were genuine, and for obvious reasons. So much anticipation, folks from all over the world, video cameras at the ready - to film the eclipse! This was an intentional sighting, to press the envelope on the Awakening. Since the establishment could not possibly confiscate every video, they chose to counter this undeniable sighting by clamping down on the news. Did the Mexico City UFO Flap hit the news - CNN, TV, major newspapers, front page, even the back page? In the main it was utterly ignored, and not because it wasn't newsworthy. Man not alone, UFOs exist, undeniable proof - this is not newsworthy? As with the Air Force and pilots in general, reporters have learned that their life is so much simpler if they leave the alien issue alone. Why try to fight a battle you cannot win? Even MUFON is dictated to, in this regard. They can only report what is approved.

After the initial, genuine, flap, Mexico went the way of most - it went commercial. Scores of visitors, bringing good US dollars, running about pointing at the skies. They all need to be housed and fed, and the price of incidentals can fluctuate to meet the demand. In Mexico, too close to being a third world country for comfort, incidentals are hard to come by. All sightings closely following the initial sighting over Mexico City were false. The plasma ships, a concept that doesn't even make sense if one stops to think about it, and the stiff little gray gnome walking off into the night - all hokum. We expect this to continue, however, with fresh variations, as long as interest in visiting Mexico to see for oneself continues.

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