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ZetaTalk: False Channels
Note: written on Jun 15, 1996

There is a confusing mixture of channeled information supposedly from various alien groups, and from various human individuals or groups who may not actually be in contact with alien groups, and this confusion is only going to get worse.

Claims that one is in contact with an intelligence from another world is easier to foist upon the listener than a claim that one is listening to the spirits of dead humans. In seances, for instance, the audience can state that the message being relayed does not sound right, that it doesnít sound like Uncle Joe, or something an old woman would say. But if one is relaying a message that is supposedly coming from another world, almost anything goes, and it does. Fully half, 50%, of all individuals claiming to channel or the like are making this up, and they know it. The majority of those genuinely in contact, another 37% or so, are giving a garbled message so that there is a mixture of truth and uneasy feelings the channel may have. Thus only 12-13% of those making claims are relaying a true message. So the listening audience is completely confused in the main. Itís like a kaleidoscope of information and colors. They are hearing about worlds they have not visited, nor are they likely to, so they have no basis of comparison and certainly no way to prove out what is being said. If one is going to tell a fairy tale, one tells it far out rather than with any basis of validation, and in that way validation is never a challenge or a worry.

Each person must sort the plethora of information out for themselves. Balance this information against what you know. What does the Earth itself report to you? What does geological history tell you? What do you, as scientists, know to make sense? What does your knowledge of social science tell you about how people will react? And, last but not least, what have we reported to you. Many times we cannot tell you that you are receiving incorrect information, because of the Rules of Engagement. You must trust your own instincts. The majority of supposedly channeled information is deliberately generated by humans looking to either disinform the populace or generate income.

Those looking to disinform do so for a wide variety of reasons. Some disinformation is to put forth a message they wish the populace to believe. For instance, if some in your government wished the populace to believe that they have cut a deal with aliens, so that immediate conquest by rampaging aliens had been held at bay by negotiating skills, they would create a false channel to this effect. Some disinformation is to counter a message unwanted. For instance, if some humans wanted the populace frightened enough of aliens that they would cling to the establishment for protection, and an alien group, such as ourselves, reported that humans can repel unwanted visits from aliens just by taking a firm stance, these humans would create a false channel reporting otherwise.

In all cases where a fraud is being perpetrated, the false channeler must create a massive amount of details, or a single message as a standalone looks suspicious. Since none of this is provable, and the humans generating the fraud know they won't be challenged unduly, they wax poetic. This situation is not an alien issue. It is a human issue. Look around you at human society. The man who would maintain several wives in a society that allows him only one. What stories does he invent to explain his absences, the wife's inability to contact him at work, his financial shortfalls? Story tellers are in the main not punished by society, which pays good money for stories at the movies. Stories are seen as a way to blunt the painful facts, and an adept storyteller is more often than not rewarded for his talent! What occurs when the various wives discover each other? Most often, they all want the husband to be theirs!

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