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title ZetaTalk: Power Outages
Note: written on Jul 15, 1996

In step with increased sightings will be an occasional Power Outage, as where there are those who can deny a sighting no matter how dramatic and well documented it is, there are few who can deny massive power outages. As they affect a broader audience, power outages are timed and placed for maximum impact. There is no point to a power outage that affects only a rural area with a small or isolated populace, or to a power outage that might occur in the middle of the night when few are awake to notice it. But beyond these considerations, power outages during the Transformation will be timed to act as an exclamation point to other messages given.

The establishment movie ID4, scheduled to premiere on July 4th in the US, premiered early as those who would give a false message to the populace, telling them that mass landings could occur and their only hope was a tight alliance with their government and established leaders, were eager to begin their propaganda. Those aliens in the Service-to-Others who deplore such lies for their tendency to create fear and a sense of isolation in humans, thus driving them toward the Service-to-Self orientation, determined to sound a different note. Thus a massive power outage in the middle of the day over the western half of the US was effected to coincide with the ID4 premiere. If aliens could mass land at will, then when they are about in such numbers and with such power, why do they not land? A countering message.

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