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title ZetaTalk: Hopi Indians
Note: written on Sep 15, 1996

The Hopi Indians are instrumental in the Awakening, as their culture is open to contact with extraterrestrials and thus they have had open contact ahead of most of the rest of the world. Unlike closed cultures, where denial rules so strongly that those suggesting that visitations are occurring are punished and even killed, the Hopi honored their contactees, and likewise treated their visitors with respect. Consequently the Hopi are being used as a communication vehicle during the Transformation period. Those among them brave enough to tell their stories to the world are running the same risk as all who further the Awakening, as the establishment wants the status quo to continue and death and injury and endless harassment are common tools of the establishment. The Hopi are perhaps better suited than most to be educators, as their true stories are often scoffed at as being just Indian legends, so the impact their stories make to a great extent go unobserved.

The Hopi have long been visited, and this is one of the reasons they invite visitations. Children are told at their grandparent's knee about such visitations, and take this all to be as real as the Sun and the Moon. As with the rest of humanity, the Hopi fell under the rule that all visitations should be placed only in the subconscious after Earth's Transformation vote concluded some 50 years ago. To reduce fear and anxiety, which would incline humans toward the Service-to-Self, all visitations are to be recorded only in the subconscious, as the vote was overwhelmingly for the Earth to become a home for those entities in the Service-to-Others. Knowing the likely outcome of the vote, those visitors in contact with the Hopi set about giving them some ammunition to use during the coming Transformation period. There were several significant visits, each with a particular purpose.

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