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title ZetaTalk: Dark Skies
Note: written on Nov 15, 1996

Is there truth to the TV series Dark Skies? Yes and no. The truth is wrapped in such silly absurdity that it is being allowed to be said. For a series to state that President Kennedy was killed because he was loose lipped about the government's knowledge about the alien presence, or that he was killed by CIA marksmen, or that more than one marksman was used, or that Jackie was told the truth, or that Ruby killed Oswald under orders, or that any witnesses or knowledgeable persons thought at risk of talking were systematically killed - is a tale that would not be allowed to be told in as graphic a manner as was done in Dark Skies unless .. it was wrapped in absurdities like alien implants living in the back of human throats.

The series will continue to tell truth wrapped in absurdities. MJ12 members are not pressed into service, as grappling with reluctance is not something MJ12 has the time or resources to do, but MJ12 does meet in secret, at times close to Washington DC, for instance. It is up to the reader to sort out the truth from the fiction presented, which should not be difficult. How likely is it that alien scorpions the size of an adult man's fist could live in the back of a human throat without affecting the ability to swallow or breath or eat one wit?

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