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ZetaTalk: Orson Wells
Note: written on May 15, 1997

The presentation of the radio drama War of the Worlds some decades ago in the United States was, as many have expected, a test. Given that the alien presence had up until that time been consistently presented as an alien threat, the public reaction was hardly surprising. Radio dramas are often confused with reality by those tuning in, as there are few clues that a fiction, rather than a factual scene, is being portrayed. On TV, the fact that one is watching a movie is quickly apparent. There are clues in the settings, the time gaps and leaps, and the frequent intimate moments which newscasters are not generally privy to. Thus, had War of the Worlds been presented on TV at that time, rather than as a radio drama, the reaction would not have been the same.

This test, which the establishment knew would be taken for a real broadcast by many, was to determine not how the public would react to a threat but rather to determine if they believed in the alien presence. They did, and thus they reacted, and the strength of the reaction told an establishment which had been congratulating themselves on having suppressed belief in aliens that they had not succeeded as they thought.

Subsequently suppression continued but got meaner, with mistreatment of contactees becoming more abusive and physical. Since the establishment at that time was in the main under the impression that aliens were only interested in a takeover, having made contact with Service-to-Self aliens first, and being unaware of the separation of orientations that takes place after 3rd Density, they felt that the panic that ensued after the Orson Wells radio drama was inevitable. They thought of themselves as holding back a flood, putting their fingers in holes in the dike, and looking out for mankind's welfare. The few suicides that the broadcast caused, and the potential heart attacks, were not a concern to the establishment at that time, as they considered themselves to be essentially at war and the nation in essence under martial law. All rules of human conduct go out the window when the leadership themselves are a panic.

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