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ZetaTalk: Glowing Ships
Note: written on May 15, 1997

Sightings will become more dramatic as the Awakening progresses, and this is by intent. Initial UFO sightings were of silvery crafts, hovering with apparent mastery of the force of gravity, streaking rapidly, and with the ability to change direction instantly or otherwise maneuver in a manner unlike manmade crafts. These sightings posed enough questions to those with an open mind that no further encouragement was needed. Those with a closed mind refused to believe that what others were talking about, or perhaps what they had seen with their own eyes, was anything but a manmade aircraft, a meteor, or their imagination! To encourage these humans to enter the discussion that is becoming endemic worldwide, we and others involved in the Awakening process have moved to include glowing crafts into the sightings that are increasingly occurring.

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