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ZetaTalk: Breaking the News
Note: written on Jun 15, 1997

Since news of the alien presence is so momentous, radically affecting all facets of human society, and increasingly cannot be suppressed, many anticipate that there will be some kind of a presidential announcement or press release explaining the situation. After all, this is done for other momentous matters, especially when the facts of the matter are increasingly obvious. For the government to continue in silence makes them look silly, ineffectual, and hiding and running from the situation rather than the impression they prefer to give - being in control, on top of the issues, and cool and collected. Should the government fail to talk about a gathering hurricane, or the severity of a drought, or the crash of a large commercial jet airplane, or an outbreak of the flu - they would seem to be out of touch and come under question. So why the silence on the alien presence?

There are several reasons why there will be no public announcement admitting to the alien presence. Where there may be selected private announcements, a general press release will not occur.

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