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ZetaTalk: Dr. Reid
Note: written on Jan 15, 1999

The story by a certain Dr. Reid of a confrontation in the woods with an alien, which he managed to club into near death, is false.

Certain elites who do not wish to see humanity embrace visitors from other worlds are becoming desperate. These people are used to the thought that they have a captive slave class, much like the kings of old or lords whose serfs could not leave because where could they run but to the next lord's lands where they would be caught and returned, a virtual slave class. The thought of the Earth being constricted, delimited, where citizens must carry passports and the like is comforting to those individuals at the top of the pile who have come to think of the working class as their virtual slave class. Now in come visitors from outer space, chatting with them in the woods, meeting with them in ways that can't be measured by the police force or those who might tap the telephone lines. This is very unsettling. It's as though their slave class was escaping.

Their reaction, no matter how illogical, is to try to convince humanity not to speak to aliens, to fear them. This reaction is much like governments who try to keep their citizens in control by stating that their neighbors are about to invade them, or are planning to lob poison gas over the borders. This creates a wariness and ensures that the people feel entrapped and therefore obey and pay attention to the rules and procedures laid down. This is an attempt to turn humanity away from alien visitors and their warm embrace, to ignore the intrigue and interest that the average person feels when contemplating visitors from other worlds.

These elites put forth the concept of confrontations with aliens, and of course confrontations are not to be where the aliens eliminate the humans, as that makes the lords and masters here on Earth seem powerless. So rather they are confrontations where if anything humans are going to be able to do away with hostile aliens. They hope in this that the average man will cling to his establishment and run to the military in hopes they will protect them, or run to the church. Likewise the notion that an alien can be killed by a human is patently ridiculous. How do they suppose we got here? Clearly our technology is advanced. Why would we or any visitor blithely walk into humans without a defense? It should be clear that we can disappear into other dimensions, and likewise any visitor on this Earth can do so. Why would this escape not be used when club is coming down? It's silly, and invariably these frauds are proved false.

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