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ZetaTalk: Dr. Greer
Note: written on Apr 15, 1999

The Announcement on July 3, 1997 by Steven Greer, CSETI’s leader, that he suffered from a “metastatic malignant Melanoma” when no primary site had ever been identified reflects the changing nature of UFOlogy and most especially the fate of any who align themselves closely with strong armed factions of the establishment. This was not done by MJ12 nor any other arm of the government. Malignant Melanoma did not develop naturally in his body. This is a particularly sadistic form of murder, as a metastasized Melanoma will likely not be eradicated and could be expected to result in a lingering and painful death. Such a move is not made to silence someone, but to set an example for those who might be thinking of following in his footsteps.

This is a frequent means used by the CIA to punish people. They infect them, with something the body has a great horrific time getting rid of. It's a horror that people step away from, like being infected with AIDS. They become remarkably cooperative. Dr. Greer was much more in hand in the past and began stating that he wanted to become a bit of a rogue, be more truthful with people, and those who were his former handlers could not tolerate that. We of course are speaking of the people in the CIA whom we have little love for. Dr. Greer has nevertheless proceeded in a courageous manner and is moving however slightly in the right direction, so it has not stopped his message and his determination to steer away from the original CIA plan and toward a more truthful message.

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