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ZetaTalk: United Nations
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

We, the Zetas, feel the United Nations is the best hope for the world to experience a firm and reliable governance during the tumultuous times ahead. The United Nations we speak of is not the United Nations you see today, it is the United Nations that may be if it grows to meet our hopes. Without such a body the world will crumble into fiefdoms and the sharing of technology and skills, so needed during the dark and fearsome times ahead, will take place little if at all. The United Nations represents a body that is supranational, and as such can approach any of the world's governments not as a threat but as a friend. Guards are let down and eyes are turned toward the horizon for the long range view. It is our sincere hope that the recent surge in strength and prestige given to the United Nations will continue unabated and increase steadily.

Many see the United Nations as interfering, and many see too little interference. Several factors are at play here. Those who long for the world of the future, where all consider the needs of the other and artificial barriers such as country or race or religions are ignored, wish for the United Nations to grow in influence and breadth. But those who would exert supreme control over peoples and lands under their dominion see the United Nations as a threat to their powers. These opposing forces play off against each other, with various rouses as excuses. Money given to the United Nations is squandered or unfairly spent. Tasks undertaken are not equally shouldered. Whatever. Support may be promised and then suddenly withdrawn, or crucial votes withheld for trivial reasons. All these are ploys to weaken what individual power mongers consider a threat. Consequently the actions of the United Nations should be viewed not from their actions alone, but by the many countervailing actions designed to weaken and destroy the United Nations.

Those who would see the United Nations reach its potential should support it regardless of any individual actions taken. This is a body pulled in many directions, and those who would see it pulled in the right directions should not stop pulling.

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