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ZetaTalk: Self Respect
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Self respect is the forerunner of respect for others, and in this regard respect for one's parents and origin is important. Unless one views the self as worthwhile, with potential, deserving of admiration and concern and on an equal footing overall with others, one cannot truly give the same treatment to others. Why is this so? Why is the adage to love oneself important?

Throughout the life-span of an entity, and we are speaking here of the indestructible soul, the entity weighs itself against others. Consciousness begins this way, but as the others in the vicinity are also young and struggling, self respect or viewing the self to be as worthy as others is rather natural. Time passes, and on a 3rd Density world growth rates differ. Some entities advance in their spiritual lessons, take leadership, gain wisdom and knowledge, and the spread widens as time passes. Should the laggardly entity begin to view itself as falling behind, this takes up all its concentration and falling behind increases due to neglect. This is not a desirable situation. In fact, all are equal, as the laggard may surge ahead at a later time. Better to put comparisons behind, and concentrate on the important issues, the lessons. Therefore, love yourself and your family and have self respect, as all are truly equal.

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