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ZetaTalk: Near Death Experience
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Near Death Experiences are quite common, and are similar to Out-Of-Body experiences, but with a twist. Where the entity has left the physical body, seeing the trend, it moves forward on its journey to return to the birthing envoys in preparation for the next incarnation. This process is complicated, and has many steps. The first step is to let go of the former incarnation. As every dying person has many issues left undone, many statements left unsaid, and many concerns not yet completed to the entity's satisfaction, their focus is torn between the life they are leaving and the future. The birthing envoys meet this head on, by presenting the newly disincarnate entity with those involved in the leftover concerns. Thus, in a Near Death Experience, an entity may meet relatives and friends, both loved and hated, or co-workers involved in incompleted projects. When the pending death does not occur, the person remembers meeting familiar people, but not much else as the death was aborted. Had the death continued, settling these leftover issues would have proceeded.

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