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ZetaTalk: Career Choices
Note: written on Jun 15, 1996

Lifelong endeavors, contrary to the usual assumption, are not typically career choices. Humankind, struggling to survive in most places, is forced into activities by either their physical location, their sex, or their native abilities. Primitive groups hunting and gathering left the females out of the hunting party so as not to distract the males. Physical strength in farming communities presses the young men into service, using their bodies, not their minds. Young women likely to become pregnant are pressed into activities that pregnant women can handle, in anticipation of their future state. Leadership falls to tall, large men almost invariably, as tradition has established them as the winners in physical contests, precursors to the verbal politics of today. Thus, most humans do not choose their occupations, they make the best of what they are presented with.

However, where a leisure class has developed or industrialization has provided food without the constant necessity to farm, choice is possible. Choice usually runs into tradition, with tradition winning, and this is much played out in the media. Given that an individual is indeed free to make a choice, is not required to take the best paying possibility in order to support dependents or is not threatened with loss of family or community support if they make an independent choice, then another drama ensues. Depending on their orientation, Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other, they will choose in the following manner.

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