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ZetaTalk: Aware
Note: written during Feb 1, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

As we have stated repeatedly, a subconscious awareness is often far more effective than conscious awareness. Those who are consciously aware of the coming changes, as they will attest, routinely meet with arguments from family and friends and coworkers alike when they try to bring the subject up. It goes beyond argument, it goes to punishing isolation, divorce, employment termination, and suggestions that the messenger should perhaps be considered insane and treated that way, with rights removed. What happens to the human who is subconsciously aware, notes the weather changes, the increasing movements in the Earth not only due to quakes, the increasing illness in wildlife and domestic animals and humans alike. They raise these issues, with concern, noting the little details that are bypassed when a full-blown geological changes-in-the-past type discussion erupts. Those around them connect, listen, participate in the discussion, and things move on.

The person who musters forth frozen mammoths, earthquake statistic graphs, and weather patterns and ZetaTalk prophecy accuracy has unloaded both guns, and everyone puts their hands over their ears and runs. Denial is a fragile matter, often the more evidence that is presented, the greater the wall of denial! This wall erodes when the press subsides, allowing cracks, allowing a subconscious pondering of the facts. Thus, most Star Children, while coming to Earth because of the Transformation, will assume an almost casual attitude toward what is coming. This may include keeping the human dumb, so that the soul is aware, the subconscious aware, but the human consciously unaware. This is a matter in play, constantly, so numbers cannot be given that will have any meaning. Suffice it to say that in dealing with Star Children, you can assume they are aware, but may present a human face that is in almost violent denial! This is all to plan.

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