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ZetaTalk: Landing Sites
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding the impact spaceships from other dimensions have on the physical Earth. These are phenomena unknown to Earth's scientists, and a puzzle. However, this puzzle has a simple key. Life forms, such as seeds, present or yet to arrive on the soil's surface, require nutrients. To germinate, they require water, wherein they rely on the nutrients within the seed for their first tentative germination efforts. After establishing a minimal root, the germinating plant seeks not only water, but nutrients. Lacking either of these, the germinating seed dies. Life is started, but starved early on.

In the case of the landing spot of spaceships from another dimension, the lack is not water, but the availability of nutrients. How are the nutrients withheld, when the surrounding soil has no such problem? This is due to prior obligations - where the atoms are pre-obligated to certain interactions. This is a concept unknown to Earth scientists at this time. However, it relates to density switching, a concept which they are also unfamiliar with.

When moving into another density, as from the 4th Density to the 3rd, in order to appear within the consciousness of humans, several steps are required. One is to reserve a place in the density to be moved into. This reservation places a lock on atoms in the density to be moved into. The lock is overpowering enough to freeze activity in the general area, for non-intelligent actions. However, for intelligent actions, such as those under the direction of humans, or even semi-intelligent actions of animals such as mammals or reptiles and birds, this lock can be broken after having been set. Plants do not have the power to break this lock, of their own accord.

How does the lock then get broken, after so many seasons where growth does not occur in the soil so affected? The original reservation for the time/space in the density to be moved into has parameters, where a maximum of time is given. When this time reservation runs out, or expires, the nutrients held in a lock are freed, and the normal interaction occurs. Seeds now germinate and find nutrients awaiting them, and life returns to normal.

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