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ZetaTalk: Wormholes
Note: written Apr 15, 1996

Wormholes do not exist. They are a figment in the imagination of scientists, just as the mythical quark, which is supposed to make their formulas whole. Faced with perplexing natural phenomena, such as occurred during the Philadelphia Experiment and temporary disappearances that occur naturally in sites such as the Bermuda Triangle, human scientists have invented a term for what they imagine are portals. The portals, in their thinking, can be either man-made or a natural occurrence. They reason that if the phenomena, a temporary and partial density switch, occurs naturally in the Bermuda Triangle, then it should occur naturally in space. They speculate that perhaps this is the magic that allows aliens to transport themselves long distances in what seems to be a flash. Humans take advantage of natural phenomena, such as updrafts for the flight of gliders or orbits to position satellites, and they reason aliens have done the same.

The switch to 4th Density from 3rd Density is not that simple, and does not occur naturally here and there within 3rd Density in any but temporary situations. The density confusion that occurs in the Bermuda Triangle is fleeting, and is caused by the compression within the core of the Earth. Does this line up with what is out in deep space? Wormholes simply do not exist.

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