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I have been researching the possibility of raising rabbits and the techniques in catching small animals, such as wild rabbits. If there are lots of insects there will probably be a goodly number of rodents and animals like rabbits. Rabbits are a great choice to grow and they certainly don't make the noise that chickens do, informing everyone for miles around that you have food to be grabbed. And rabbits grow fast enough so that you can share when you want to. I would hope that the majority of the survivors will be in a sharing mood. It'll certainly be my intent.

I do have experience raising rabbits for food, and will be starting again this summer. One buck and 3 does will produce approximately 250 pounds of dressed offspring a year. You only feed the adults and harvest the offspring when they are weaned. And you get lots of material (droppings) for your worm and compost and mushroom operations. I haven't calculated how efficient this will be post pole shift; but it sure should help pre pole shift when groceries, especially when meat is scarce. You can grow the food for the adult rabbits on your own. After the pole shift, soybeans would probably be the best for bulk protein, but a little meat would be a nice treat now and then.

Offered by Ron.