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I have started raising meat rabbits (mixed grade does/purebred New Zealand buck). I have been researching possible alternative feed for them that would be easy to grow. I have come up so far with sunflowers, comfrey, New Zealand Spinach, corn, potatoes (but they must be cooked which could be a problem large scale), pea vines, and of course dried grass if available. I also remember reading on a website that rabbit droppings are 19% protein and can be fed to chickens with great success. Do you know anything about this?

I also seem to remember reading something about feeding rabbit droppings to chickens. Fact is, chickens will eat about anything. One very good food for chickens would be earth worms, which will be extremely easy to raise in vast amounts post pole shift. They can also be fed the vast quantities of insects expected post pole shift, including many that we humans just won't be able to stomach. With the exception of sunflowers and corn (both of which grow too large and require too much light energy for hydroponics/artificial lighting) the others look very promising. One of my priority projects is to find a way to get fat into the diet. That could be well addressed by chickens.

Offered by Ron.