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ZetaTalk: Contrails
Note: written on Aug 15, 2000

Contrails creating illness are not benign. This is not an attempt to inoculate the populace. This is an attempt by people connected with the military, not within the military, but able to drive the military, a rogue unit you may say. Much as tear gas or glop that prevents a mob from running effectively, tying them up, this is an attempt to thwart great masses of people from proceeding. If you were too ill to get up and walk, vomiting, losing your fluids, laying about in a fever, you are certainly not leading the charge. These people fear the coming cataclysms and even before that time. They fear people starving and rioting. The contrail experiments are affecting delimited small portions of society. In particular this experiment has gone on in the US and is not worldwide, nor is it a germ that can infect and continue such as AIDS or Ebola.

The general populace in the United States looks to the government to save it, where's my welfare check, where's the militia to help out. This is a comforting illusion, not a reality. Quite the opposite, they should avoid their government as the times get tight and the cataclysms occur. The populace should expect to see more of this, where private militias are gathered around the very rich and powerful who begin to carve out enclaves of where they can station themselves surrounded by their private militias. Even though many of these people will be garnered from the military, taken up just ahead of the cataclysms as a way for the military to become mercenaries in effect and be fed, they will turn their guns on what were formerly the taxpayers and prevent the hungry hordes from coming to a place where they may be fed.

Beginning in the year 2000, the patterns of contrail had created an alarm in the populace to the extent that public outcry was becoming organized and vociferous. Rallies were being held, petitions signed, and documentation on harm to children and other vulnerable segments of the population showing that the tests being run were not as harmless as claimed. Those in the government aware of the contrail tests had been assured that no harm would come to the populace - a slight increase in flu symptoms, a few days lost at work or school, but all in all, relatively minor complaints. That the threshold putting a sick child or oldster from the sick bed into the coffin was occurring set those among the wealthy and powerful elite at odds with each other, and behind the scenes wars over allowing the contrail tests to continue broke out, unseen to the public eye but nonetheless fierce. With support eroding, the guilty looked about at whom they could point fingers, so as to evade discovery. What better scapegoat than UFOs, especially as the government denies their reality and the accused can never defend themselves!

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