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Lust for Alien Technology

When contact with aliens was made, about the time of Roswell, what was the first thing on the minds of the US Military?
How to get there hands on that alien technology, for sure.
It has been speculated that much of the rapid increase in technology in the last 50 years has been due to adoption of alien technology.
Not so, per the Zetas, as the Secret Government got NOTHING from their encounters with aliens.

ZetaTalk: Reverse Engineered, written Jul 15, 1997
The rapid pace whereby technology grows by leaps and bounds, exponentially as the years pass, has resulted in speculation that this is due to alien technology secured from crashed ships and reverse engineered by the military and their civilian cohorts in the military industrial complex. This is completely false, and in fact is simply a rumor started by those individuals within the military industrial complex who wish to be elevated in the eyes of the populace and fear losing their jobs and prestige during budget cutbacks. Stealth technology was developed to mock what the military was observing in alien ship movements and the ability to disappear in a wink. The new stealth technology was quite within the realm of humans to develop, as it is simply using a shape to evade radar, and not all that effectively we might add.

Night vision goggles are simply screening out all but infrared and then boosting this light spectrum. In this, human scientists are also dealing with concepts long understood by humans, such as light spectrums and the chemistry and electrical stimulation of these light spectrums. Fiber optics is a technology which evolved due to experiments in communications over mediums other than the expensive and increasingly diminishing supply of copper. Glass has been used by mankind for eons, an accidental discovery resulting from sand lying under extremely hot bon fires on the beach. All manner of substances were experimented with in laboratories, in an attempt to find a cheap alternative to copper, all of which had nothing to do with the alien presence or technology. Do we appear to need wires to support our communication or ability to maneuver?

So if no technology was attained by the US military in their encounters with aliens, what the heck was going on at Area 51?

ZetaTalk: Area 51, written on Aug 15, 1995
Out in the Nevada Desert lies the most watched air base in the United States. You know the one, it's the one that doesn't exist, the one with no name - Area 51. Are flying saucers being dismantled, assembled, inspected and flown by humans at Area 51? Not any more, though until quite recently this was one of the activities going on at this ultra secret, hush-hush base. Area 51 is all the more in the news because of its desire to be secret. At this point, should they throw open the doors and let the public wander through, everyone would be disappointed. A tomb. Empty, or virtually so, in preparation for just such public exposure. Where did the space ships go, and how did the military come into possession of them? The ships were moved by the alien groups who provided them to the military, and the whole operation has setup elsewhere, not on a military base. Are these our ships? No, and this is as much as we can say about the matter, which for the discerning reader aware of the rules, says quite precisely whose ships these are.

What the Zetas were referring to were the Service-to-Self aliens who provided the ships to the US military, more about that later.
The Service-to-Self are noted for their lies, as anyone familiar with the current Bush administration should be familiar with.
They lie, and the ships given to the Military were certainly not any kind of gift, as it was impossible for the US Military to learn how to fly them effectively.
Thus, there were many crashed ships!

ZetaTalk: Crashed Ships, written on Nov 15, 1995
The public, hot on the trail of the physical evidence they were sure the government possessed, has long sought crashed ships. Some of them are rumored to be massive, requiring roads blocked in the dead of night and coordination between military and civilian forces to cart away in the dead of night. Are there stores of such ships, and how often do such wrecks occur? In fact, the military has no ships wrecked by aliens in their possession, outside of the Roswell crash, [which was deliberate], and all stories to the contrary are false. Stories of crashed alien space ships feed the sense of power and control that humans in leadership positions demand. In some cases these stories are invented by government servants to get those in power off their backs. Crashed ships diminish the alien presence, putting the skill and technology of aliens on a par with that of humans, who regularly crash planes and cars. How would it be that aliens could cross the Universe yet not be able to putt about on your planet? Crashed alien ships have not and will not be presented to the public because they simply do not exist.

If there weren't crashed ships, then what of the stories, such as the Crash at Kecksburg?
This was just an attempt by the US Military to learn how to fly one of the ships on loan from the Service-to-Self aliens, who knew the US Military would not figure out how to fly them.

ZetaTalk: Crash at Kecksburg, written on Jun 15, 1996
As a result of their early agreement with aliens in the Service-to- Self, the military got possession of several ships. This is certainly no secret, as Bob Lazar confirmed the rumors. The military has never figured out how to operate the ships they were given, and many deaths have resulted from their attempts. Unlike human vehicles, which have a propulsion system and manual controls, alien ships house a strange device that cannot be examined and mental controls. The device that supports density switching and rapid transport from one part of the Universe to another cannot be opened and examined, as it explodes and disintegrates when this is attempted. Of course, the scientists ordered to proceed with such an experiment died instantly. In time, the decision was made to simply use the ships, and to stop trying to understand how they worked. The fact that the alien ships required mental control only momentarily stopped the generals who wanted desperately to control such a device. They drilled the smug Service-to-Self aliens assigned as an escort without end, and returned for more lessons after every abortive attempt.

The stories told of furtive observations at Area 51, where wobbly space ships were seen lifting a few feet off the ground and then flopping back, are true. Eventually enough control was attained that the ambitious generals would order a field run with this ship or that. The idea was to do more with the ship than simply lift and wobble about. They wanted rapid travel across the skies. They wanted to impress the heck out of anyone they were interested in intimidating. At least they could do that, they reasoned. So the human pilots, selected for their confidence and demonstrated skill, would aim a little higher, a little farther, and WHAM! The crash remains, which might be found anywhere, would be quickly collected by special military teams scrambled with the greatest haste.

Bob Lazar reports that he worked on one of these space craft, hired to figure out how they worked.
Is his story true? Yes! Per the Zetas!

ZetaTalk: Lazar's Sport Craft, written on Aug 15, 1996
Many humans interested in Bob Lazar's true reports have seen his sketch of an alien ship, the inner workings diagrammed and the method of operation laid out to the best of his ability. Is this a real space ship, and are his speculations on its operations correct? Yes and no, as where he saw a real ship, his understanding of how levitation and rapid travel occur was not close to the facts. All scientists in the employ of MJ12 are to this day still scratching their heads, as the details were never explained to them and being unable to dissect the mechanism without an explosion occurring, they can only speculate.

Good vs Evil

So why was there a crashed ship at Roswell, the ONLY one crashed, and that deliberately?

ZetaTalk: Roswell, written by Jul 15, 1995
Roswell is all the rage here in the United States. It is the flag-bearer in the parade of those who march to learn the truth. The facts are well known, and the facts that are known relate almost completely to the truth. This is a true story. What is not well known is that Roswell was not an accident. At that time, within the United States, many alien groups wanted a dialog with the United States government. We chose the United States because of its leadership in the community of nations. The United States was and is sticking its nose into every activity throughout the globe. We knew we could rely on the United States to be the message bearer for any message the alien groups wished to get out.

The United States, as other governments, was not approachable. Individuals who were contacted by the alien groups were treated as though they were infected. They were not listened to. The block in these matters was the human desire to be in control. Therefore, in order to allow the humans in the United States government to be open to our messages, we allowed them to be in control. Several entities within the alien groups trying to contact the United States government volunteered to be of service. They expected to die. The plan was to allow ships to crash, ostensibly at the hands of humans. This maximized the feeling of control the humans would experience, particularly as the front end of any contact was, unfortunately, through the military. Once they felt they could harm us, they were willing to parley. Were people silenced via death during the Roswell incident? Yes, and more than the public suspects.

The movie ET, the Extraterrestrial, was supposedly based on a true story that one of the aliens in the Roswell crash survived, and communicated with the US Military.
True? Yes, per the Zetas.

ZetaTalk: EBE, written by Jul 15, 1995
Rumors surrounding the Roswell incident include stories about [an alien], who survived the crash and lived to chat, in a manner of speaking, with the government. These rumors also state that the movie ET was based on this situation, as a small boy, a son of one of the government officials involved, struck up a telepathic relationship with the EBE. Any of this true? Some. EBE was returned to his group, alive, after contact was established over the next few years. Rumors that EBE died were spread so any press to see and talk to him would be eliminated. EBE, as he was called, was one of seven aliens on board the two craft that crashed at Roswell. One craft was utterly demolished, as it was set to explode close to the ground and did so as planned. The second craft held four aliens, and crashed as planned without becoming utterly demolished. It was expected that the impact would kill all four, who expected to die, but one lived on with injuries. This was a shock to this alien, who was unprepared for the intense interest in his digestive, breathing, and medical needs. He found himself both held at arms length and closely examined by the very nervous humans who recovered him.

An officer, called suddenly to the site where EBE was being housed, had his young son in tow, and left him in the car while he conferred inside. When he returned he found that his young son had much to tell him, having been in telepathic communication with EBE. Without having the two ever meet, and without confirming to the young boy that his conversational pal was real, the government subsequently had the two in close proximity and questioned the boy endlessly. To this day he cannot prove that this occurred, other than that questions were put to him. The impact of Roswell on human culture, and on the government in particular, was that they knew for sure that aliens, intelligent beings from other worlds, existed. The legacy of EBE himself was essentially the quaint story of ET, where aliens are viewed as shy and non-threatening, more vulnerable than humans, and with charming eccentricities. That they bond well with young children is considered by most to be a de facto proof of their acceptability, in line with the adage that a person can be trusted if the dog and the kids take a shine to him. EBE was followed, however, by contacts with the government by a very different sort of alien, those in the Service-to-Self, and this set the stage for the next phase of the government's relationship with aliens.

Who were these Service-to-Self aliens?
The Omnipotent Krill, for one!

ZetaTalk: Omnipotent Krlll, written Jul 15, 1995
One of the first aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation to contact the United States government was a member of the alien race from Orion, who called himself the Omnipotent Krlll. He had studied human societies, or rather had his lackeys do this study, and concluded that a guttural name that sounded like a growl would most induce fear. Thus the concocted name. One should take note that it also sounds similar to the word kill, also not by accident. This alien greatly impressed the military officers who met him, in that he understood their need for order and hierarchy, their concept of command by the most powerful and well connected, and their willingness in the main to sell out sections of the populace for any gain in power and might they might attain.

As he was firmly in the Service-to-Self, they were in effect speaking his language. He was at home. Krlll set to work disinforming the military as best suited his ultimate aim. As he wished to conquer them, he told them they were in charge. They bought it. As he wished their cooperation, he told them they would receive technology in exchange. They bought it. After all these years, not much has come from this vaunted meeting with the Omnipotent Krlll. His disinformation has been unraveled, bit by bit, so that any information he provided has essentially been discarded. However, there are still information pools formed essentially from this source that have not dried up. They refuse to be silenced, and repeat the same silly stories time and again. These sources have a life of their own, having sensed that the information comes directly from the government.

Attempting to counter the cozy relationship that Krill had established with the US Military, the Service-to-Others aliens crashed at Roswell, the logic being that control freaks would talk to those they thought they need not fear.
But when this gambit failed, they used other techniques.

ZetaTalk: Power Outages, written on Sep 15, 1995
Following the Roswell incident the various alien groups in the Service-to-Others orientation were displeased with dialog that had been opened with the US Government. They found themselves not only held at arms length but also negated - treated as entities one need not worry about. Where Roswell had been staged, several aliens in the Service-to-Others sacrificing themselves in the crash so that the Military could feel they had the upper hand and thus be amenable to an approach, the aliens now found themselves facing a cocky group who treated them dismissively. One extreme to another. At this point in time MJ12 had also been approached by the Service-to-Self aliens, whom they treated with respect as this group had not presented themselves as crashed ships or dead and injured bodies. In the eyes of MJ12, who looked on the surface, the Service-to-Self aliens had their act together. We expressed, through the human translators assigned to us, that our capabilities were in fact superior to the Service-to-Self aliens they were giving preferential attention to, but were brushed aside.

As the Awakening is overseen by the Council of Worlds, this matter was bantered about, and eventually the Council granted a spectacle that would not be lost on MJ12, the intended audience. Prior to Power Outages there were several attempts to impress MJ12 with less drastic measures. Power Outages, after all, affect hospitals, little old ladies tottering to the rest room, and moving traffic. We wished to avoid this. Natural occurrences were affected first, having been announced well ahead of time. Unseasonable temperature variations, so that mid-winter would become positively balmy or mid-summer chilly, but this impressed no one and we were only credited with being good weather predictors. Light rays were deflected over broad areas, so that mid-day became night for a brief but very noticeable time, but as no disruption of activity took place, MJ12 was unimpressed. So it's dark outside, then turn on the lights!

Thus, we determined, and effectively argued the case before the Council, to prevent the lights from being turned on. Power Outages were not unknown, and could be caused by any number of overload or mechanical failure situations. People would buy it, on the local level. At a national level, in smoke filled rooms and the corridors of power, the truth would be passed around and hurriedly suppressed. How do you suppose that MJ12 came to have so many corporate leaders in its broad membership? They were initiated during the panics. Suppress the press. Issue statements that had no relationship to the facts. Use the bully boardroom, and keep each other closely informed. When spreading a broad untruth, close communication and coordination is required. MJ12 was no longer a clique of the Military, it became for a time a clique of the establishment. Subsequent to the Power Outages, which did not sweep without warning over broad areas, we found MJ12 looking at us with new eyes. They now believed our explanation of the Roswell crashes. Their eyes had been opened. At this point the Power Outages were no longer necessary.

A major factor in the success of this Awakening maneuver was the utter inability of the Government to stop the outages. Learning of our schedule, which was announced days ahead of the occurrence, they would arrange every kind of backup. All contingencies failed. Power flow was stilled for the length of time announced, and not so much as a flashlight battery worked. The mechanism used by us involved essentially irradiating the area with a countering force, affecting electron flow above a certain level. Thus, human thought or the winking of fireflies would not be affected, but human technology was at a stand still.

Thus, the early days of MJ12 became a battleground of good vs evil, with dual alien groups competing for the attention of the US Military.
At first, the Service-to-Self had the stage, but as their lies gradually were discovered, and the trustworthiness of the Service-to-Others was established, this changed.

ZetaTalk: Good or Evil, written on Feb 15, 2002
During the period between Roswell and the present, the alien presence has been variously presented to mankind as evil to good. During the early years, the predominant presentation was evil, intending to enslave mankind and dominate the globe, perhaps eating man as a snack. This view has migrated to the comic, as in the movie Men in Black, where a giant bug is fought off by good aliens and mankind as a team. This trend, of reporting the alien presence as evil, is based in large part by the perception of MJ12 that the aliens they were first dealing with were of this mindset. This perception was correct, as they were first contacted by the ilk of the Omnipotent Krlll. The extent of this group, during the time they had influence over MJ12, ran into many atrocities that the general public is scarcely aware of. However, Nancy, in her engagement with MJ12, encountered these atrocities, and fought to alert MJ12 that they could Just Say No, as we have stated.

What were these atrocities? We will list a few. It has been reported that street people were picked up and delivered for experiments to evil aliens in underground complexes. This is true, and the experiments horrified those in the military assigned to deliver these hapless souls. These experiments, akin to those used by the NAZI during WWII, were to instill a feeling of hopelessness in the bums picked up on the street, so to drive their souls into the Service-to-Self orientation. Enslavement, the sense that one cannot resist, the sense that one should align with the strong and turn on the weak, are techniques used to drive souls toward the STS orientation. These experiments included maiming humans so their legs pointed backwards, or they could not stand up straight, but must assume humiliating stances. There was no end to the creativity of these Service-to-Self soldiers, who were specialists in these settings during Transformation times.

In addition, the CIA, created in the main from the folding NAZI SS, were influenced to abduct and kill babies, in the theory that aliens might be inhabiting baby bodies as an infiltration means. These innocent babies, abducted in the 1940's, were killed in horrendously painful ways, the theory being that the aliens inhabiting their bodies would leap out and reveal themselves. As with Satanism, the only accomplishment was that the CIA and military assigned to assist them turned increasingly to the Service-to-Self orientation. Thus, even in 1994, when Nancy entered her engagement with MJ12, some of these actions were still in process. Thus, stories about street people reporting being taken underground, or about evil aliens lurking underground, have their basis. Nancy volunteered to meet, for instance, a Dino, which did his best to intimidate her. Suffice it to say that she gave him the finger, in challenge, with no repercussions. She likewise repeated this, going into the chambers where street people were maimed, inciting a rebellion among them when she demonstrated Just Say No. These chambers are now closed, as MJ12 realized they likewise could say no. There was a small segment of MJ12 which insisted the Service-to-Self aliens they had long had a relationship with should not be just rejected, out of fear. They argued that retaliation might result. Where they refused to provide human experiment subjects, they allowed these aliens to continue to live in underground chambers. Thus, until MJ12 disbanded upon the Bush election coup, there was contact.

MJ12 Era

The rumors about MJ12 are that it was setup quickly at the time of Roswell to deal with the alien presence, how to tell or not tell the world, as the case may be, how to discern the alien agenda, and how to respond to it.
But the role MJ12 was to play expanded beyond that.

ZetaTalk: MJ12 Agenda, written Oct 15, 2000
The general public, to the extent they are aware of the existence of MJ12 and it's purported purpose of controlling interaction with extraterrestrials, are unclear on additional goals. They hear stories about MJ12's regular meetings with aliens, desire on the part of the US Military to secure alien technology, membership in MJ12 by select and invited individuals, and suppression of news on all this by harsh means. Are these the goals of MJ12 - containment, self promotion, and suppression? Hardly. Where the scope of activities in the early days of MJ12 were certainly dominated by and intense desire to determine what the alien agenda was, and to come out on top in any arrangements, MJ12 soon found itself holding a tightly capped bottle that was about to explode. Not only were aliens contacting the citizenry of the world on a regular and increasing basis, the evidence presented by ourselves, the Service-to-Others Zetas, on the approach of Planet X for it's periodic passage was bearing true, and this translated to an almost mind boggling responsibility toward the general populace. Where the self-serving goals of Alternatives 1, 2, and 3 are well known among students of UFOlogy, the goals of those member of MJ12 who were altruistic are not well known. Where MJ12 was heavily influenced in it's early days by the CIA, which indeed ran drugs and laundered money on the excuse that MJ12 as a secret organization needed outside funding, the arm of MJ12 that has strengthened and become dominant of late had a different focus.

Clearly, the early goals of MJ12 to suppress knowledge of the alien presence could not be perpetuated, was an untenable situation, and could only end in humiliation for MJ12. This has thus migrated to be a series of controlled leaks, semi-truths and even frank admissions, with contactees and those reporting sightings no longer punished. Likewise, where some members from the early days of MJ12, seeking to get rich and hold the reigns of power where they could never be discovered or taken to account, resulted in mischief and even crime, this was steadfastly rooted out and the perpetrators called to account. MJ12 functioned as the secret organization it was intended to be, sparsely funded and the poverty child of the government, truly. In that MJ12 utilizes the many arms of the government to implement their programs, and in that government employees in the main staff MJ12, there is no need for independent funding. Seeing that the pole shift was rapidly approaching, and was framing out to be the horror we had described during our initial encounters shortly after Roswell, MJ12 first set out to inform the public via the media with movies having a cataclysmic overtone. Tidal waves, asteroids and missiles of death raining down upon cities from space, dust in the air putting the Earth in a death-grip of doom - all these were designed to set the populace to thinking about such matters, but always with the theme that their government would and could save them.

If MJ12 was a secret arm of the government, without funding of its own, how did it function?
In the main, it functioned by using existing branches - the FBI, the CIA, whatever.
During my engagement with MJ12, I often found myself on military bases that had been closed, were supposedly idle, but were very much in use by MJ12.
Especially where out of view of the public eye, so that lights and activity would not be noticed.
The tables and chairs were on the cheap, folding tables and chairs, and some of the uniforms taken out of storage, the moth-balls dusted off so to speak.
Things that would not be missed, were utilized.

ZetaTalk: MJ12 Groups, written on Apr 15, 1996
MJ12 does not operate in a vacuum, as a standalone, off-the-books, agency. It has tentacles whereby it reaches out to gather information and accomplish its goals. MJ12 is the administrative hub, where policy decisions are reached and the center where key contacts with the outside world are maintained. However, it would be short-sighted indeed, in that those in its hierarchy have parallel positions within the federal bureaucracy, to not use those very bureaucracies. In fact, given the structure of MJ12, it is only natural. Without being specific, we will enumerate some of those tentacles. The military branches all have intelligence units, which are skilled in various degrees at electronic snooping, interrogation techniques, and undercover activities. Individuals from these units are assigned to a stint of duty to MJ12, just as they are assigned to secret missions, and are no more prone to talk about these assignments than those involving any other - you hear about none of it. Both the FBI and CIA have vast pools of information on corporations, individuals, and groups running under the many different charters that can exist in human society. These intelligence agencies have formal arrangements with MJ12, who has but to ask for this information for it to be delivered, pronto.

Military installations include many complexes held in abeyance, just in case. Land and buildings are hard enough to come by in times of plenty, and during cut backs are not released, in the main. Idle facilities in remote areas are ideal for temporary use by active MJ12 members, who are almost invariably from the military. Should the reader find this astonishing - that federal employees are regularly dealing with MJ12 yet the public hears at most rumors of this activity - they should bear in mind the following. Intelligence groups, and the military in general, operate on a need to know basis. This rule is in place to prevent covert operations from being carelessly exposed, the enemy from learning of plans, and to a small degree to prevent the public from learning what the government is really up to. Also, when services are performed for MJ12, these services are not distinguishable from normal, everyday services. The requests don't have MJ12 stamped in big bright letters on the front, they come wrapped in commonplace covers, and thus raise little suspicion.

Will the public get the truth about MJ12, the Secret Government?
Not on your life, and certainly not in your lifetime!

ZetaTalk: MJ12 Documents, written on Aug 15, 1996
A still hotly debated topic is the validity of what are purported to be documents from MJ12, dating back to President Truman's era. These carefully manufactured documents are authentic enough in appearance to convince many that they are real, yet flaws exist that have others convinced they are a fraud. Both situations are true, as the documents are what could be termed a half truth. The release of these documents, the content of which is false, was intended to be a leak by the government that would hasten the Awakening of the populace to the alien presence. Where the documents line up with the facts is in the existence of MJ12, periodic meetings in secret, and in those days the involvement of the President of the United States. Where the documents part from the truth is where they give the impression that MJ12 was a fleeting response, that the matters they addressed were limited in scope, or that they were almost casual about dealing with the alien presence and what this would mean for humanity.

MJ12 Projects

What kind of activities did MJ12 get into?
Are the rumors true, for instance, about the Philadelphia Experiment, where man and metal merged?
Yes and no!

ZetaTalk: Philadelphia Experiment, written by Jul 15, 1995
The Philadelphia experiment was fictional, a disinformation scheme to divert humans from exploring the real experiment that occurred. The Philadelphia experiment much in the media is a fraud perpetrated to distract people from pursuing the real Philadelphia experiment, which didn't take place anywhere near Philadelphia. Servicemen were indeed injured, and because the risk of questions existed, the cover story was put up to effectively point any questioners to a dead end. The real experiment with moving between densities, which can and does occur naturally on your planet, was done in a warehouse in Kansas - rural, remote, virtually uninhabited. Moving into the next density requires more than just bombardment of matter to the point of compression tension. It requires a total shift, and if one expects to return, a total shift back. The humans conducting this experiment were of such an orientation that they did not care about the servicemen being used, or what might become of them. Rather than hesitate, knowing they did not have all the parameters in place, they proceeded.

The servicemen, who were encased in a metal box, were left partially in the next density, along with portions of their container. They were, of course, all dead, but the witnesses of this experiment, and the associates whom the servicemen had just recently been mingling with, were many. The government concocted a repeat experiment, which proceeded part way, enough so that the story as to the results was similar. Additional servicemen were subjected, knowing the probably results, but most of these survived to chat among themselves and their families. All secrets escape, leaks occur, and in this way the investigators would be altogether in the wrong vicinity, and talking to altogether the wrong participants!

Then there are the time travel rumors? True?

ZetaTalk: Montauk Project, written May 15, 1996
Having observed that the Service-to-Self aliens they were in contact with could do marvelous things, the secret government had no doubt that they could also travel through time. That this capacity is strictly regulated by the Council of Worlds and is almost without exception never granted to the Service- to-Self crowd when they request authorization was, of course, not mentioned. In concert with density shifting experiments in the Philadelphia Experiments, time travel was attempted. This was an utter failure, with the human scientists tinkering with their machines under instructions received from the Service-to-Self aliens, and suffering under the wrath of generals who were sure that the project was only failing because of their incompetence. After a time, the project was put on hold, due more to emotional and mental exhaustion than any change in plans. Eventually, the generals involved realized that those in the Service-to-Self lie freely and without conscience, and abandoned the project altogether. Nonetheless, rumors abound, and due to the sensational nature of the project and the power that would accrue to those who might succeed, the rumors and interest in the Montauk experiment are unlikely to die.

And an exchange of alien technology for human experimentation, ie Project Prometheus?

ZetaTalk: Project Prometheus, written Oct 15, 1996
Project Prometheus is rumored to be an exchange of alien technology for certain favors granted by the government, specifically being allowed to abduct the citizenry. We have addressed these issues, and explained that alien technology was not given to humans, though aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation most certainly said this was to be the case. They lie. In addition, an abduction right is not something that aliens need the government to grant, as the government has no control over alien activities. What is called abduction is under the control of the human giving The Call, and thus is under the control of the individual human desiring contact.

Or the famed Alternative 1, 2, and 3, by which the Earth will remain habitable and an elite groups of humans can escape the coming pole shift.

ZetaTalk: Alternative 3, written Jul 15, 1995
Alternatives 1, 2, and 3 have been much bandied about, as solutions given to humans on how to approach the coming Earth changes. Some stories have it that humans derived the three scenarios themselves, but the stories coming from sources closer to the heart of the matter point to alien suggestions on these alternatives. This is correct. Why would humans decide to locate on other planets to escape pollution or nuclear fallout, when the have neither the means to travel to other planets, the capability of sustaining themselves there, or a pollution situation dire enough to be frantic about escaping from? It is, therefore, obvious that these suggestions were given to humans by aliens, aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation we might add. The alien agenda was falsely presented to the humans involved as being a concern for their survival. As the high level government contacts were strongly in the Service-to-Self orientation, they saw all this as their escape, their alternatives, and were not at any time thinking about humanity in general. What the aliens truly sought was to subvert these humans to sink more and more deeply into the Service-to-Self orientation. To some degree, and with some humans, they succeeded.

Alternative 3 is suspected as having been implemented, as Alternatives 1 and 2 have been. The United States government went underground, at Mount Weather and numerous other spots, as has been documented to the satisfaction of even the skeptical reader. This fact is not even being denied by the government any more. Portions of the government, and we are here speaking of rogue CIA officers, set out to trim and prune the Earth's humanity to their liking. Thus we have the AIDs and Ebola viruses, as well as various wars and conflicts which the CIA always seems to be at the center of. Likewise, Alternative 3 was implemented, but as the populace can't get up to the surface of other planets, this cannot be demonstrated to the satisfaction of skeptics. As with the other Alternatives, the particulars of this alternative were something the Service-to-Self aliens contacting the government were familiar with.

They sent representatives of the US and other governments up to these places, to demonstrate that such a living arrangement was hospitable. Matters soon went amuck, however. Soon the human guests became stressed in the heavy Service-to-Self environment. Stress diseases cropped up among the humans, ulcers and heart palpitations and arthritic pains. They became distracted in their work, stricken with headaches and vague feelings of weakness. Their human commanders, paranoid about living away from the Earth to begin with, attributed all this to planetary factors such as gravity, air pressure, air composition, or perhaps strange rays that were not measurable on their instruments. The plan was abandoned, and the humans who participated were exterminated. Their bodies were not returned to Earth, nor should one look for this to happen. The Moon was one of the planets occupied by humans as a result of the implementation of Alternative 3. Can humans see these installations? They cannot, as they are on what is termed the dark side of the Moon. Ourselves, the Zetas, were not involved in the Alternative 3 installations, as we are the Service-to-Others Zetas. The two groups do not mix.

MJ12 Membership

The rumors are that the President of the US was never a member of MJ12, but the Vice President could be.
Yes, unless an existing member became the President.
During my engagement with MJ12, Gore was regularly at meetings, but Clinton, never.
George W Bush, however, was inducted into MJ12 by his father, so in this case both he and Cheney had membership status.
Just how did one become a member?

ZetaTalk: MJ12 Service, written Jul 15, 1996
MJ12 is less than 2,000 strong. The membership can be put to death if they reveal the existence of MJ12 or any information that they have learned through membership in MJ12. In addition, they are barred from making personal profit from the information they learned. This is no idle death threat. This occurs at least yearly. Dozens of individuals have been swiftly put to death from breaching this. Most government employees or contractors who serve MJ12 have no idea who the recipient of their service is. MJ12 operates out of various intelligence agencies, which all go on a need to know basis. If one delivers a package from point A to Point B, or researches the background of a civilian, does one need to know why this service is required? As a general rule, MJ12 does not even allow active members of MJ12, those who know they are working for this arm of the government, to come in contact with aliens.

Where we provided a travel service as part of our agreement with MJ12, the humans being transported never encountered the pilots. They walk up a ramp, enter an empty room, the door closes and shortly reopens at the destination. No contact. We are in telepathic contact with our human counterparts and learn of the itinerary in this way. Where only a small, select group within MJ12 had knowledge of travel by space ship, an even smaller group actually had contact with aliens. These individuals are subject to a battery of psychological tests and field trials, and are characteristically highly stable individuals. They are essentially unflappable. As with MJ12 in general, one does not chose these careers, they are chosen. How many of the less than 2,000 MJ12 members know of the coming pole shift? Few actually know that [Planet X] is inbound. People know small portions of the truth, and they are told to make plans, to prepare, for the likelihood of this or that, without being told with certainty.

The rumor is that MJ12 often recruited orphans into its ranks, those who would not be noticed if they went missing.
Those with few relatives to share stories with.
Those with few loyalities.
I found this to be true. The man assigned to me as my handler, during my engagement with MJ12, had been orphaned at an early age, and was unmarried.

My engagement with MJ12 has ended because MJ12 as an organization interacting with aliens no longer exists.
Some might claim it still exists, but this is a false front.
The governing boards phased MJ12 out just ahead of Bush and Cheney taking office in January 2001.
Why? Because they knew the power of MJ12 would be misused by this crew.
In essense, by disbanding, they freed any alien group such as the Zetas who had agreements with MJ12 from their obligations.
The travel service the Zetas were offering to MJ12 stopped. No more space ship trips, cloaked, so that meetings could take place anywhere, in an instant, among parties at a distance from each other.
No more teleporting in and out of places, secretly.

ZetaTalk: Suicide, written Jan 15, 2001
After the Supreme Court maneuver, when Bush was destined to become President, we warned that there would be a Social Security scam, swinging money to Wall Street to bolster Wall Street so it would not crash as soon as it surely will, and to watch for the new administration to be heavily loyal to industrial interests and special interests of the wealthy, and to expect that enclaves of the wealthy would be protected by the military and the average man would be cut loose to his own resources. We also mentioned that our association with MJ12 was not necessarily going to continue, because it was an agreement made with the US Government, and arm of which became the Secret Government. A US Government cannot just call itself a US Government, it must in fact act like a US Government for our agreement to continue. Our agreement is null and void if the US Government serves only the special few and not the people it is sworn to serve, if it is no longer a democracy because martial law has been imposed, and for many other similar reasons.

Because, over the years, Presidents have tried to prevent the incoming President from knowing about and using MJ12, it has increasingly been cut away from the White House and became an independent arm. MJ12 has been populated by various civil servants, in the intel organizations to some extent, and some individuals who have never had any government service but who were pulled into MJ12 service due to their expertise or their position to help on a particular issue. All of the approximately 2,000 people who entered MJ12 and became members agreed, and signed an agreement, to allow MJ12 to assassinate them should they begin leaking information or financially gaining from information they learned from their MJ12 association. So it wasn't a large group, and the governing board of 40 was certainly not a large group, but the governing board in particular was very independent. The President could not pull their strings. The Vice President was a member, but not a member of the governing board. Because of the distress the governing boards of MJ12 felt over what they were certain were plans to misuse the Zeta travel service, they disbanded themselves. This happened in December, after the election, and they allowed a two week closedown.