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Learning of the coming pole shift, and it's devastating effect on the Earth and its inhabitants, many people want to take steps to ease the pain, not only for themselves and their family, but for others.
They want to make a difference, help others realize what is around the corner, what they can do to help themselves, how they can potentially become self sufficient.
In having these concerns, they are giving the Call, reaching out asking for counseling on how to proceed.
In short, they are likely to become contactees.
If not already aware of where the Earth is headed, then one of the first things they learn is specifics about the pole shift, often presented as a hologram.

ZetaTalk: Future Visions, written Sep 15, 1995.
Many contactees speak with great emotion of visions they have been given, often of a devastated Earth. These are understood by the contactee to be visions of the future, and many come away confused as to whether the vision is the future or might be the future. One reason for confusion is that the visions seem so very real. Humans are used to the movies, in the main, where however engrossing the story, told with sight and sound, one is always cognizant of the viewers seated nearby, munching popcorn - a reality check. When visions are given to contactees it is by a machine to brain method that most closely approximates your new virtual reality devices. All the senses are engaged, in the brain. The contactee is not at all being presented with a reality. They are being presented with a story. Why is this done? Humans are altogether too complacent about the fragility of their world. They merrily pollute and deplete their ecosystem without a thought. They in the main will march into the coming cataclysms with no preparation whatsoever, becoming, all of them, disaster victims who will then look to one another for help. We are simply making these contactees think. Think!

The next step is helping the contactee establish what role they want to play.
This is ALWAYS a role the contactee him or herself chooses, and is not assigned.
The idea of being chosen, of aliens doing the choosing, is simply not true, at least in the Service-to-Others groups.
Those in the Service-to-Self like to have tight control over each other, seek to be dictatorial, so assigning a role would be something Service-to-Self aliens would wish to do, but I am not speaking of Service-to-Self aliens here, as I don't interact with them or their contactees.
The Zetas who produce ZetaTalk are Service-to-Others aliens, and in these groups, roles are self chosen.

ZetaTalk: Unsure, written Jan 15, 1999.
Any role that any human has is self chosen, not assigned. Thus, any contactee feeling uncertain about a role they might have chosen during the Transformation, has not decided what to do. This information is within them. Many humans are undecided or unsure, not because the role has not been assigned to them or the opportunity not been made available, but because they themselves are uncertain as to whether or not they wish to step into a certain role. Vacillation. Many roles during this forthcoming time, as anyone who seriously thinks about it knows, represent hardship, argument, hostility thrown their way, changes in a lifestyle, and this is not easily contemplated. Individuals frequently decide to do something, and then they start thinking of the consequences and vacillate. So if it is unclear, it's because they have not firmly decided to do what they think they ought to do. If humans want clarity, they should think seriously about what their roles might be, about what they may have decided to do, about what the blockades are, the repercussions, and consider this to be a conversation with themselves. Of course, if they are wishing to discuss these matters, they have given The Call and it will be answered. But nevertheless, this is their decision, and within their power to arrive at an answer.

Once a contactee has decided upon a role, the matter is not easily settled.
If the timing is not right, the contactee may decide to be consciously unaware, put this out of their mind, until the time arrives.
This does not mean the contactee has not decided upon a role they wish to play, it means they are reducing contention in their current life, and waiting.

ZetaTalk: Timed Release, written Dec 15, 1996.
Many contactees express a feeling that they are aware of things that are likely to occur in the future, are emotionally ready for these occurrences, but are consciously unaware of what they may be. Of course, in human society, those who prepare too soon for the coming cataclysms will be viewed as odd and consequently laughed at or harassed for sounding an alarm unduly. When life today seems much like the life of yesterday, the average human in any society on Earth today will not listen to a message about coming cataclysms with much patience. However, contactees who have been open to the message that Service-to-Others aliens have been willing to give know that the Earth will receive renting changes soon, and are subconsciously prepared. The schism in thinking leads many to believe that this knowledge is encoded with some kind of timed release, where the knowledge is not truly available to humans until scant months or even days prior to the cataclysms. This timing may in fact be correct, but the contactees are fully aware of the circumstances. They are simply choosing to be unaware during their day to day existence in human society. When the time is right, they will get in contact with their subconscious knowledge. For many, the conflicts that early conscious awareness would present are best left alone. For instance:

A mother has a handicapped child, one who requires medical attention in order to survive. She knows that this child will not live beyond a week after medical attentions ceases, and that she will bury this child shortly after the cataclysms bring down bridges and rent the telephone lines from their poles. Were she to be consciously aware of what was coming, would she encourage this handicapped child to learn to read and write at the present moment? Such encouragement strengthens the spirit of both mother and child, and is worthwhile for this reason alone. The mother chooses to be unaware.

A young businessman in a small town employs several individuals who are considered marginal employees by most employers as they are under-educated, semi-skilled, and often speak in broken English. During their employment the young businessman is able to encourage them to self-sufficiency, and finds his employees growing gardens and repairing mechanical devices under his tutelage. Were he to be consciously aware of the coming cataclysms, his attention to the needs of the business would falter and his business might fail to prosper. Consequently, he would be less able to nurture others in preparation. He chooses to be unaware.

A military man is in a position to influence the messages that the general population receive from headquarters. These messages can subtly awaken or can suppress the Awakening, just by their tone and the bits of information they deliver. Working in rigid surroundings, the military man must be careful not to express resentment, which would be interpreted an insubordination and result in his removal from his influential position. Were he to be consciously aware of the coming cataclysms and the alien presence all around, he would find adherence to silly rules and regulations increasingly annoying and might express this at a moment when his guard was down. He chooses to be unaware.

How does timed release work?
The contactee suddenly finds themselves taking action, action which may take them completely by surprise!
Subconsciously, the contactee was aware of their plans, their role, but consciously, were unaware.

ZetaTalk: Roles, written Jan 11, 2003
Many contactees, most of whom do not even know they are contactees, sense they have a role to play soon. We have referred to the subconscious knowledge of this, where the role might be in conflict with the contactees existing life, as timed-release information. One day, the contactee notes a news cast, or hears comments made by friends, or sees the weather turn suddenly unseasonably warm, and the trigger has been switched to on. The contactee may go home and pack and take off for another country or province or state, with barely a notice given to employer or family or friends. A contactee may decide that now is the time for that vacation, long put off, and make these arrangements putting all other priorities aside. It is unlikely that a contactee would suddenly decide they need to develop a skill set, such as working with manual tools, or gardening, as if this was sensed as part of their role they would have been able to integrate this into their lifestyle earlier. The changes we are talking about are abrupt, and disruptive, and thus have been put off. This would include divorce, or separation, from a spouse that had been convenient during the life lived prior to the trigger being switched, but which was known would not be possible during the Aftertime.

An example is a marriage where the wife is petulant, given to pampering herself with luxuries, and would not leave a setting where these luxuries were abundant even when faced with sudden death. The husband, in this marriage the strong person, a parent to the wife in essence, determines he has a role to play in helping survivors, and leaves the wife rather than die with her, as he knows he cannot force her to move to safety. This of course might be on the other foot, with a caring and strongly Service-to-Others wife taking the children to safety a few weeks ahead of the shift, and simply refusing to return, giving the shocked husband divorce notice from afar. He then has the choice of leaving the golf course, the executive club, his mistress, or whatever else holds him to his place, or staying. He would in any case have to make this choice, but the wife has made her choice for herself and the children.

Where a role is not in conflict with the person's existing life, it is likely to be expressed early, as soon as realized. Where in conflict, such as a military person who has determined to prevent blockades, keeping the poor or minority populations trapped in cities during the last hours, realization of their role might come at the very last minute. The reasons are obvious: if the military individual were to consciously realize this earlier, he or she would give their plans away, and prevent the role from happening! Thus, those in such double identity binds often have a hard denial of their contactee role. Thus, there is no simply statement that can be made about contactee roles, and when the contactee will become aware of their chosen role. It depends: on the contactee, their life situation, the culture they live in, and an endless number of factors.

The Troubled Times pages contain some stories relayed by contactees on how they came to relate their intuitive feelings to information within the ZetaTalk or Troubled Times pages.
In many cases, using a search engine allowed them to locate the ZetaTalk web site.
In others, they heard Nancy on the radio, and instantly recognized that her descriptions of the coming pole shift were similar to what they intuitively understood, as contactees,
or descriptions of life as a contactee as something they are experiencing.
They find some kind of correlation, often to an astonishing degree.
Many found their intuitive understanding that they would need to prepare for the coming Troubled Times, during and after the pole shift,
assisted by the work being done, building the database of information that is the Troubled Times website today.

Once awakened and connected to their intuitive knowledge and any personal roles they have chosen,
a contactee may make life changes without delay.

ZetaTalk: Life Changes, written Oct 15, 1995.
Contactees who have become comfortable with their understanding of the alien presence and any role they have volunteered to perform during the Transformation are seldom passive. They reflect this in their daily life, as is inevitable following any overreaching concept grasped or heavy commitment. Just as the decision to settle down into married life can often be read by others, as perhaps taking up cooking or giving up singles parties, likewise the awakened contactee can often be recognized. The signs are subtle and in the normal course of human events would leave no mark, in that the alien presence is seldom discussed. But the awakened contactee changes, in not so subtle ways, the whole course of their life. The impact can be equated to joining the priesthood or the peace corps or the military. The contactee's whole life is affected. As the Transformation is now, if the awakened contactee has chosen a role they seldom delay. Those in Service-to-Others, of whom we are speaking, want to assist with preparations for the cataclysms or helping mankind understand what is to befall them and its import. Frequently these contactees are already in responsible roles, acting, as Service-to-Others do, as a mainstay for others.

Stepping up to larger responsibilities does not concern them, but those who have come to rely on the contactee are frequently alarmed. Life changes are planned and enacted by the contactee, who often is grimly determined and turns a deaf ear to complaints. Not infrequently a well paying job is dropped so that more time can be spent on the pressing tasks at hand which the contactee is eager to take up. A spouse or children who have to curtail their standard of living or move to more modest quarters are often furious. Family and friends are sent to argue with the contactee, who is, in their eyes, failing to listen to reason. What's gotten into him? Mental illness is suspected but discarded when none of the classic symptoms show up. Sometimes divorce or alienation from the family results. Often old friends who fail to understand are dropped and new friendships are developed among those of a like mind. Contactees thus awakened and mobilized find each other, in some small part as we guide them to do so in response to their call to us. They take up work with each other, forming teams, and fill their hearts and minds with the satisfaction that results, as a salve for the concurrent pain of loss they often must bear.

How are contactees put in contact with each other?
This starts with arranged meetings on space ships, and thence occurs because the contactees are guided to find each other.
Perhaps they both have a press to go to a certain book store and browse about in a certain section, on the same Saturday morning.
They bump into each other, spark up a conversation, and instantly feel comfortable with each other, going off for coffee together.
Not an accident, as they are most likely old friends!

ZetaTalk: Coordination, written Dec 15, 1995.
Increasingly, during the Transformation, contactees are beginning to work together. They find each other not by accident, not because they are browsing over the same books at the book store, not because they are members of the same organization, but because they have been introduced to each other behind the scenes and have plotted their meeting time and place. It is we, and our brethren in the Service-to-Others, who respond to The Call of many by arranging these opportunities, which are warmly received and acted upon. These meetings result in marriages, business arrangements, friendships, philanthropic connections, and long range planning galore.Survival groups are very unobtrusively arranging themselves. Neighbor to neighbor talks, people meeting in their normal association and identifying each other more so than any kind of organized activity where they answer an add placed in the paper. They are in fact migrating to live close to each other regionally, and by this they are being guided since often they are meeting each other as contactees. They are most often not unaware on a conscious level of why they are making the moves that they are making. They make all manner of excuses, pick up and move, change occupations, and find themselves in an area where they get along better with the neighbors and their particular skill set meshes nicely. This will increasingly happen as the time arrives and even after, where those survivors will migrate following their instincts more than anything and finding each other.

Contactees also find each other through an obvious opportunity - the contactee group!
They suspect they are a contactee, go to a group meeting to get confirmation or validation of their experiences, and of course, meet others.

ZetaTalk: Contact Groups, written Sep 15, 1995.
Group interactions validate experiences. The individual, finding their night clothes on backwards, knows there has been a visitation, but secretly wonders if perhaps their memory might be failing. In a group of contactees a synergy takes place, first one and then another realizing, as others tell their tales, that they are not alone in their experiences. Within the contact group details are shared that have not appeared in print, could not therefore be faked, and are told with much emotion and conviction. When these details, told by another, match the listener's story - more than sharing takes place, and more than an Awakening takes place. A Transformation takes place. The Contact Group is now a group of humans who are no longer toying with an idea, no longer arguing with each other, but are facing the reality of the Transformation calmly, with open eyes and open minds and most often with open hearts. Thereafter, walking among others out in society, everything looks different.

The frantic push to live better than the Jones, the focus on the World Series, the chatter about the SETI project - all are put into a different perspective. It is as though all of humanity were in a trench and could not look out except for a few who stand tall. Those too short to see behave as though all that matters takes place in the trench, in their own little world. Those few tall enough to be glimpsing beyond know better, but can do little more than look at each other and smile at the ignorance and short sightedness around them. Such it is with members of Contact Groups, who find they can only talk honestly among themselves. There is a Transformation going on, a personal Transformation, but no less important in the scheme of things. Great dunes are built from many grains of sand, and eventually the collective consciousness is such that this transformative momentum begins to affect society. Ideas presented at the table receive support rather than argument. Programs that affect the public are slanted toward the broader view in subtle ways. The little grains of sand are making mounds, where no one has noticed, as the wind blew them just a few at a time.

Where single contactees can make a difference, a group has greater abilities.
But even singly, they made a difference.

ZetaTalk: Make a Difference, written Oct 15, 1995.
If there are few contactees in proportion to the population in general, how is it that contactees can make a difference? Contactees are usually singular, and act en-mass only after meeting in contact groups or bumping into each other, a rare event. The answer lies in the history of a vision or idea, and how this can ignite action. Humans are fond of pointing to inventors who stumbled upon a method to increase the general standard of living. Benjamin Franklin capturing and directing electricity with a kite string. Alexander Bell calling his assistant from the next room. The Wright brothers staying aloft in their flying machine. From this we have electric appliances in every household, telecommunications galore, and flying on business or to visit friends or family or go on vacation an everyday affair. Less dramatic only because it cannot be pointed to as a concrete thing are changes that affect how mankind views the world and how mankind will proceed when the world starts changing during the Transformation.

Unprepared for the future, mankind would react as it does today when presented with any other unknown entity - with a mixture of fear and curiosity. In dealing with new situations, humans like all life deal first with their fear, and only when this is placated with their curiosity. Therefore, the likely reaction by an unprepared mankind to Transformative changes will be fear and resistance. Change is in any case resisted, and change clouded by uncertainly is vigorously resisted. But what happens when change is anticipated, or perhaps even welcomed? Though the majority may resist and hold back, the fact that a few move forward and embrace change is catalytic. At first only a trickle, and then a stream, and eventually the flow undermines all resistance and the laggards are caught in the undertow. Fear can often be translated into the statement - what will this mean? When leaders step forward and demonstrate what this means, as a living example, that question is answered and the fear factor virtually eliminated. This is the legacy that contactees stepping forward to embrace the Transformation leave, and the role they fill in the main. By the way they live their lives, under public scrutiny. By the innovative solutions they place into the public knowledge base. By the personal and professional risks they take in order to incite discussion. All these are catalytic actions, and make a difference.

And what are these activities, what the Zetas call Transformational activities?
The Earth of the future will be solidly in the Service-to-Others, all souls leaning in other directions taken elsewhere to live with their own kind.
The Earth of the future will not be suppressing news of the alien presence, visiting UFO's, the fact that man is not alone in the universe as an intelligent species.
The Earth of the future will be integrated, man, zeta/human hybrids, zetas, and all the hundreds of other visitors from elsewhere.
The Earth of the future will undergo a pole shift, horrific geological and social changes, much die-off and grief, while these other changes take place.
So what kind of activities do contactees conduct, that make a difference in all of this?

ZetaTalk: Transformation Activities, written Feb 15, 1996.
What humans presume to be the process of change, based on their observations of human society, is not at all what is taking place. In human society, change comes primarily in a top-down manner, from edicts or laws, and secondarily when outside influences that are discernible such as weather changes or pronouncements or war or the ravages of disease force change. The changes being wrought by human hands during the Earth's Transformation are neither edicts or discernible by all - they are covert and the result of cooperation among humans. When seemingly quiet revolutions take place in human society, they in fact prove to be edicts upon close examination - the general in the hills, directing terrorist activities against an establishment he wishes to topple; the ringleader in a group, inciting the others to acts that are laid out for the underlings, as assignments.

The quiet revolution that is the Transformation is different, as there is no single leader or set of ringleaders, no assignments or edicts, but rather each human operating in the Service-to-Others orientation choosing his or her role, and acting under their own volition. These activities can constitute something as minor as the reporting of news, being more truthful, or the coordination of efforts, where the needs of one are met by the offer of another. On occasion an effort is heroic, the sacrifice of a life to draw attention to an injustice, or the quiet gift of hard earned savings or one's time to a cause not personally rewarding. Increasingly, Transformation activities involve more than one, a group of humans who have found each other, often due to requested assistance from aliens. Where should I look, where should I go, whom might I meet there and how might introductions be started - the contactee might ask. As they have given The Call, we of the Service-to-Others orientation assist, giving information and even arranging behind the scenes introductions during group visitations, so that later those who wish to meet each other will not feel themselves to be strangers. These activities are on the increase among humans.

As an example of contactees coming together, finding each other, and working together, is the evolution of the Troubled Times pages.
Starting in 1996, the year after ZetaTalk began, the TOPICs developed, one by one.
People finding ZetaTalk on the web, or hearing a broadcast, or typing a word into a search engine,
seeking information, and finding the growing Troubled Times website, would join the discussions ongoing on the Forum or what was called the Gossip message boards, and make a difference.
An example from the Internet Relay Chats that took place, dated in May 1996.
Here a discussion among the core members who started Troubled Times were brainstorming on what information to include on the website.

Nancy: What are we trying to achieve here, on the web, what's the goal. For instance, we're trying to educate people that the Pole Shift is coming, for one thing. We do this by pointing to the various prophecies, the earth changes, etc. A comprehensive solution set is what is needed, where it is not just spotty, but covers all aspects of survival. For instance, if folks are told to gather batteries and canned food, but not about the long term, it does them little good ultimately. The batteries will die, and the food run out, and then what! Likewise if they are prepared to grow food with worms and mushrooms at a minimum, they will have calories and protein, but will be vitamin deficient. If they die from scurvy, what good does that advice alone give to them, its not enough. So my thought is that what we offer should be comprehensive enough that folks won't die and won't lose their knowledge base either. What are we missing from our site, that is a necessary ingredient for survival? For instance, we are covering shelter, with dirt packed around tires and a metal roof to protect from fire storms, also winds will sweep over if it's shaped like a mound. But it is really the Aftertime that is a concern, as surviving buys nothing if one can't live afterwards, starves or gets sick and dies, etc. One of the biggest challenges is getting folks to focus on what it will be like. Hospitals not reachable, food in the stores just not there, roads impassable, phone lines down, sunlight dim, etc. So, in the solution set, what are we missing?

Norseman: Communication. No telephone or the like in the aftertime..

Nancy: Short wave radio might be a great short term solution. If folks agree ahead of time on the channels, etc. Problem here is that gangs might tune into this to locate where groups are. Whatever is done needs to have safety in mind. Long distance communication I think will be down and gone. In the old days, mail from another continent was a once in a life time affair, practically. My ancestors came over from Germany, and expected to get a letter from home only when someone died, etc. Without satellite linkups in the sky, which will be torn out of the sky, there won't be any physical way to communicate across the oceans.

Carrie: Can electricity be easily made and harnessed?

Nancy: Energy can be generated from windmills and water wheels, etc., perhaps other methods, and can be used to power communication, radio, sure. Someone's thought was that the bike generator could at a minimum power a short wave radio. I think that folks should just plan on having to help themselves, not look for ANY assistance, as this is the safest route. The Aftertime can be terrible, or can be a subsistence, and it is up to them to help themselves! I'll tell you what we're missing, we're missing saving education material and the arts - music and dance and cooking and such. Folks should collect text books, and plan apprenticeship programs. Musical instruments, how to built them, theater techniques, all this is something not to be minimized. I think a big part of what we could add to TT is recipes. People focus on meals for more than just food. Its a social hour, and something to look forward to. Depression can be alleviated with music and tasty food. I read somewhere that there is a group of students, Florida or the Carolinas or Alabama or some such, that is working up bug recipes. Wish I could locate that.

Carrie: There are so many factors involved. Basically, survival will be primitive at best. The oceans may offer the best source of short and long term survival. They have plenty of fish. Water can be desalinated. Scurvy is going to be a problem, due to lack of vitamin C. Perhaps people need to store a 10 year supply of that.

Nancy: I suspect that this will be taken advantage of by those already living along the coast, a natural evolution in fishing villages, for sure. If they survive the tidal waves. I think the vitamin problem may require that we learn how to manufacture certain vitamins. How hard it is? It's certainly being done today. Perhaps a solution is to find atypical vitamin producers among those things that will thrive in the Aftertime climate. Can be surprising discoveries. Time for some research. Eskimos! A good research topic, for sure.

Carrie: We have to learn how to make very warm clothing. Don't think the fabric store will be in business.

Nancy: Weaving cloth and spinning yarn from atypical sources is a very important piece! My grandmother gave me her spinning wheel, and I learned how to use it. Lumpy yarn, but otherwise OK. There are plenty of places worldwide that manufacture their own cloth, just need to find the reference books. Sheep is a great source of clothing material, as wool can be warm. Durable too. Cloth can be made out of anything fibrous. Flax is from a plant, and is almost as good as cotton.

And what was the result from this discussion, and as a result of the hundreds of people who joined the message boards posting their thoughts and contributions?
The Troubled Times website, some 202 TOPICs strong,
divided into key sections for Food, Shelter, Health, Energy, Teamwork, Information sources, and what is essentially news and gossip, the section called The Word.
In the Food section, the TOPICs range to cover:
Seeds TOPIC, and how to save seed in general, to retain viability;
Seed Plants TOPIC, guidelines on how to save seed from especially important crops;
Gardens TOPIC, guidelines on mulching, plowing, garden size, soil pH, and watering techniques;
Garden Plants TOPIC, guidlines on how to grow various garden crops;
Permaculture TOPIC, techniques;
Hydroponic TOPIC, gardening techniques and equipment sources;
Fertilizer TOPIC, a discussion on soil types, natural fertilizers, and using manure safely;
Weeds TOPIC, the wide range of edible weeds and their nutritional value;
Algae TOPIC, growing techniques and how to address production problems;
Low Light TOPIC, various crops that grow in the low light expected in the Aftertime;
Vital Earth TOPIC, featuring a company that grows earthworms en mass and description of their techniques;
Bugs TOPIC, the many edible insects and recipes from around the world;
Protein TOPIC, atypical sources such as snakes, frogs, and snails;
Beans TOPIC, a high protein plant food;
Grains TOPIC, their various attributes and how to harvest;
Bread TOPIC, how to make with natural yeast;
Booze TOPIC, the secrets of alcohol production;
Sprouts TOPIC, a short term salad food for the days after the shift;
Fast Food TOPIC, packaged food for the short term after the shift;
Bones TOPIC, their nutritional value and how to cook them;
Honey TOPIC, gathering and cautions;
Fruits TOPIC, from around the world, how to grow them;
Fish TOPIC, aquaculture and aquaponics, fish species best for pond growing;
Chicken TOPIC, flock requirements such as housing and feed and light;
Lamas TOPIC, the advantages of a herd;
Goats TOPIC, easy to keep, great milk, and prone to follow their shepherd anywhere;
Rabbits TOPIC, how to keep, feed, and cook;
Sheep TOPIC, wool and meat and how to shepherd them;
Vitamins TOPIC, and their food sources;
Amino Acids TOPIC, protein sources and the minimum for survival;
Odd Diets TOPIC, why do the Eskimos survive, for instance;
Poison TOPIC, foods that can be poisons, green potatoes for instance;
Self Help TOPIC, examples of self help initiatives;
Storage TOPIC, how to store bulk food;
Storage Means TOPIC, how to preserve food;
Hunting TOPIC, sling shot, fish nets, and traps;
Bow Hunting TOPIC, how to make a bow and arrows;
Safe Water TOPIC, how to distill and purify or filter water;
Find Water TOPIC, where to dig wells or harvest the fog or dew;
Skywell TOPIC, commercial idea on harvesting humidity for drinking water.

In the Shelter section, the TOPICs range to cover:
Temp Shelter TOPIC, for the hours after the pole shift;
Rock Hard TOPIC, a commercial site with examples of durable bermed construction;
Geodesic TOPIC, describing the geodesic dome;
Domes TOPIC, with advantages of concrete domes in wind and sources;
Housing TOPIC, the various techniques for post pole shift construction, such as straw bale or rammed earth;
Shipping Container TOPIC, how to use these metal boxes for post pole shift housing or storage;
Sites TOPIC, tips on good safe location land for sale;
Biodome TOPIC, a commercial biosphere concept; and
Biodome System TOPIC, description of the mechanics of this concept;
Tools TOPIC, where to secure and how to use various hand tools;
Air Circulation TOPIC, what the Roman's knew about non-election circulation techniques;
Insulation TOPIC, various materials for insulation;
Material TOPIC, where we will find building material after the pole shift, such as landfills;
Quake Proof TOPIC, the essentials of quake proofing a building;
Wind Proof TOPIC, how to reduce the edges wind likes to grab;
Water Stores TOPIC, traditional water storage methods;
Heat TOPIC, manure heat, geothermal heat, and what to burn;
Sewage TOPIC, the outhouse and composting toilet and sewage processing basics;
Furnishings TOPIC, furniture basics;
Product TOPIC, such as vinegar and soap making;
Clothing TOPIC, how to spin and weave, tan leather, and making felt;
Army Surplus TOPIC, where to get these bargains;
Appliance TOPIC, manual wash machines, sewing machines, and where to buy;
Pottery TOPIC, the ancient art of making dishes and pots;
Transportation TOPIC, wagons, bikes, boats, snow shoes, and wind cars.

In the Health section, the TOPICs range to cover:
First Aid TOPIC;
Amputation TOPIC, and Exposure TOPIC, describing these emergency medical procedures;
Bandage TOPIC, regarding makeshift bandages;
Leech/Maggot TOPIC, benefits of these ancient means of cleaning and degorging wounds;
On Foot TOPIC, care of the foot during long hikes;
Pain TOPIC, natural pain killers;
Medicine TOPIC, alternatives to traditional medicine;
Herbal Medicine TOPIC, herbs and what they do;
Touch Therapy TOPIC, message and other techniques;
Radioactive TOPIC, what to do if irradiated;
Urine Therapy TOPIC, why some drink their own;
Colloidal Silver TOPIC, its many claims and advocates;
Lead TOPIC, how to counter lead poisoning;
Mind Set TOPIC, power of positive thinking;
Psycho TOPIC, description of mental illness and how to handle;
Depression TOPIC, suicide prevention;
Aftertime Generation TOPIC, on being a teenager during the shift;
Music TOPIC, its role in healing and mental health;
Dental TOPIC, how to care for your teeth without the dentist;
Eye Glasses TOPIC, store bought lens in an emergency;
Foods TOPIC, foods that are immune boosters and the like;
Parasite TOPIC, deworming methods;
Hygiene TOPIC, what to do when the toilet paper runs out;
Chemtrails TOPIC, keeping on top of the reports.

In the Energy section, the TOPICs range to cover:
Windmills TOPIC, where to secure these;
Homemade Windmill TOPIC, how to make one from scratch or car parts;
Pelton Wheel TOPIC, commercial water wheels;
Hydroelectic TOPIC, the ram pump and high head descriptions;
Crank TOPIC, hand powered electricity for radio or flashlight;
Bike Power TOPIC, the bike gen to replenish your batteries;
Coal TOPIC, don't overlook this resource after the pole shift;
Oil TOPIC, a diminishing resource with the refineries down;
Methane Gas TOPIC, poo power, but it can explode;
Vegie Power TOPIC, wood gas powered cars and other gasoline substitutes;
Steam TOPIC, powerful, but steam can burn;
Alternate Energy TOPIC, wild ideas and lots of hope;
Solar TOPIC, solar panels, hand make and purchased;
Carbon Arc TOPIC, an arc as strong and bright as daylight, seriously;
Battery TOPIC, regarding maintenance and how to make from scratch;
Inverter TOPIC, AC/DC and the pros and cons of each;
Circuit TOPIC, generators, transistors, and load calculation;
Lumens TOPIC, all about lamps and bulbs and replacement worries;
Lumens Source TOPIC, oil lamps and bulb sources;
LEDS TOPIC, little light bulbs that don't burn out;
Devices TOPIC, household devices and their practicality;
Rainbow TOPIC, commercial site delivering off the grid support.

In the Teamwork section, the TOPICs range to cover:
Description and links to the discussion boards, such as the solutions Forum, the News Watch, Social chatter site, Welcome to newcomers, and the Troubled Times nonprofit.
Development by team members of 23 topics located in the other key sections such as Food and Energy, posting experimentation and test data.
Also, covering:
Plan TOPIC, brainstorming on what kind of plan the government could take to save the populace;
Being Open TOPIC, thoughts on how to approach the topic of the coming shift with friends and family;
Mates TOPIC, who to include or not include in your survival site;
Groups TOPIC, for those looking for mates;
Emotion TOPIC, thoughts on how to deal with disaster depression and keep a positive outlook;
Stories TOPIC, personal stories posted by anonymous members;
Ideas TOPIC, ideas in process;
IRC TOPIC, directions for IRC among members.

In the Information section, the TOPICs range to cover:
Books TOPIC, listing books recommended to buy;
FAQ TOPIC, FAQ answered for the newcomer;
Radio TOPIC, short wave how-to;
EMP TOPIC, how to shield electronics from electro-magnetic pulse;
Linux TOPIC, the benefits of this Operating System in the aftertime;
Morse Code TOPIC, drop dead classic communication system;
Bearing TOPIC, how to re-establish your bearings when the compass and maps no longer apply;
Models TOPIC, working survival community examples;
Solution Sets TOPIC, solutions that pair together to make a whole;
On Foot TOPIC, practical guidelines for the nomad;
Pole Shift TOPIC, detailed descriptions and animations of the shift;
Crust Shift TOPIC, historical evidence of crust shift;
3,600 Shift TOPIC, historical evidence of 3,600 period;
Check List TOPIC, personal lists on what to have at hand;
Quake Tips TOPIC, how to survive strong quakes;
Survive Tips TOPIC, how survive winds and water and fire during the shift;
Safe Locations TOPIC, member speculation on safest spots;
Zeta Locations TOPIC, ZetaTalk on safety of various locations;
Nuke TOPIC, where installations exist, and how to survive radiation;
Self Defense TOPIC, pros and cons of guns and other methods to use;
Hazard TOPIC, breaking dams, military depots, and tidal bore;
Oxygen TOPIC, dangers and benefits of having extra oxygen tanks on hand;
Quake Predict TOPIC, screeching radios and other indicators of at-hand quake;
Pest Control TOPIC, mice, bugs, raccoons, and what to do about them;
School TOPIC, how to save school materials for the future;
Pollute TOPIC, how to deal with pollutants near your survival site.

In The Word section, the TOPICs range to cover:
Sitchin and Velikovsky TOPIC;
Rogue Planet TOPIC, describing wandering planets like Niburu as known science;
Rogue Planet Sighting TOPIC, record of sightings as Planet X loomed inbound;
Cambridge Conference TOPIC, quotes from cataclysmic discussions in the UK;
2003 TOPIC, evidence that the establishment was aware of the approach;
Slowing TOPIC, how to clock a slowdown;
Geo Change TOPIC, recent articles on Earth changes;
Geo History TOPIC, historical comparison to current;
Weather TOPIC, record up up-tick from 1995 to the year 2000;
Global Warming TOPIC, pros and cons of global warming as an excuse for current Earth changes;
Quakes TOPIC, links to websites covering quakes;
Quake Pattern TOPIC, statistical analysis of up-tick in quakes;
Crazed TOPIC, bizarre animal behavior as a sign of the times;
Prophecy TOPIC, many prophecies from around the world;
Legend of Old TOPIC, many legends pointing to a pending pole shift;
Indian Lore TOPIC;
Aftertime TOPIC, speculation on post pole shift environment;
Cover-up/Disinfo TOPIC, assassinations and examples of disinfo;
Martial Law TOPIC, executive orders and other proof of plans for martial law;
Martial Means TOPIC, how martial law is likely to be played;
Shortage TOPIC, news reports from around the world;
Distraction TOPIC, examples of the establishments distraction techniques;
Crop Circle TOPIC, links to examples, and discussion on how to identify the real thing;
Mars/Moon TOPIC, Face on Mars and cities on the Moon articles and links;
Aliens TOPIC, famous UFO stories and establishment attempts to discredit;
ZetaTalk TOPIC, ZetaTalk accuracy documented.

Thus, Troubled Times is an example of the power of a few contactees, getting together and making a difference!