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Woodworking Techniques using Hand Tools

Hand planes, scrub and finishing and pattern maker and leveling and low profile planes, how they work and how to use and sharpen them. Blades of the plane, what the angle across the plane, angle against the wood, and depth of the blade can accomplish. Chisels, how to cut depth guides, carve out hinge and lock points, using a drill to establish a precision depth as a guide, and cross or along grain approach. Fine and coarse saws, the set of the teeth and number per inch, how this relates to their uses. Tools for putting in the set and sharpening the teeth. Sawing techniques, and the use of a wedge. Fret saws and creating a perfect circle cut. Furniture design. Hide glue, what animal hides work best, and how to render this. Dove tail and other joints. Chair bracing with stretcher bars. Linseed oil as finish, the recipe. Natural stains, fixing color with vinegar. Different woods characteristics. Canning. Nails vs screws. Clamps. Tool maintenance and sharpening. Where to buy or find hand tools. Books to buy.