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Live ZetaTalk Chat on May 18, 2002

Session Start: Sat May 18 17:02:46 2002
(Ultima) How are the zetan bugs
(NancyL) Hi, the Agenda for today is ...
(NancyL) 1. What do you think of the stone slabs with relief on them which are supposed to be 120 million years old?
(Samsara2003) Just on time...
(Ultima) Are they tricking u again.
(Andeomon) What instructions have they inserted in you this week :)
(NancyL) 1. How fast will Px travel during nearest earth flyby? Travel is a good Q and should be added to next weeks agenda. SPEED, and when and how fast, etc. The distance chart developed by TT members is not all right, as it is poky at times, faster at others, etc.
(Ultima) No i know ur beeing abuse arnt u
(Andeomon) Oh damn she's must have a pentium 7 in there :D
(Torbj) We are all "dragged" here.... it feels good, and we long for it... it´s within our "vibes"....
(Guest1) When is planet x coming
(Gerard) Ultima: please not now, the session is about to start and you know that ...
(Ultima) They tell u every thing is all right and they love u, then they tell u to F*** off when they have done what they want
(Ultima) Death to zeta
(Okidok) In due time Guest1
(Samsara2003) Guest: RTFM...May 2003 :)
(Andeomon) Zeta are dead
(Ultima) They have screwed around with my life
(NancyL) 1. Here is a news article on satellites and solar winds, if you could explain what the zetas think of it that.
(Ultima) So I will stop urs from beeing that way.
(Gerard) Okay Ultima: BEHAVE the same with Andemeion
(Ultima) Love is the key, Nancy, do u have love?
(Andeomon) Give me some more useless information so I think its useful and forget about reality :)
(Wage) Punt him
(Andeomon) More more more
(Gerard) Okay folks NOT now
(Andeomon) Oh its not started yet...
(Ultima) Poor guys, open your eyes from the big zeta ones see the big picture
(Ultima) There in the dark
(Andeomon) Reality of the matter is there is no love within some people who rant in here
(Ultima) Not the light
(Andeomon) or some women
(Ultima) Lord Ashtar can explain
(NancyL) 1.Rotation stops in summer, long evening heating everything up, than PS, than a cold winter night, and winter afterwards? Or is it a gradual cooling over a few days? What should survivors take into account in this case?
(Torbj) Why are you here?
(Gerard) This is no #ashtar
(Torbj) Ultima, Andeomon
(NancyL) I posted to sci.astro this morning re the Distance/Speed issue. I will post the new ZT here when the time comes.
(Andeomon) Torbj, only we know ;) and Nancy knows ...
(Zetapal) Gerard - blast these chumps if they don't shutup this week - just a request
(Ultima) Rotaion well nancy i think u are decicivly wrond if you look at the earth if it were to stop then people would begin to float.
(Gerard) You folks are being anoying ... and disruptive .. please don't do that
(Ultima) Poor zetapal. Weak
(Okidok) Why can`t the alien groups cooperate
(Ultima) Weak zeta
(NancyL) As we are (maybe) expecting some sci.astro followup questions, there will be strict rules during that time re interruptions.
(Wage) Omg, kick this fool
(Ultima) Why wagew
(Andeomon) Lol wage
(Ultima) I speek only truthg
(Andeomon) You just prooved us right :)
(Gerard) Ultima: you are anyoing
(Ultima) Love is the kindest thing
(Andeomon) Truth is anoying
(Ultima) And i know u all know that. And the zeta ARE NOT KIND
(NancyL) In general, there was a feeling that these chats are being TOO disrupted by repeated postings of someone's agenda (as in ANSWER MY QUESTION when it has already been answered, etc.)
(Ultima) Nancy, run away from the zeta
(RobH) This is pretty amusing actually - until the session starts
(Matt) Agreed
(Gerard) Andemeon, if you disbehave you will be banned for an HOUR
(NancyL) So, I've asked Gerard to be more firm, re this. Instead of repeatedly warning, and not silencing, we will give ONE warning, and then shut the disrupting poster up.
(Andeomon) Lol Nancy cant live outside her reality and lies
(S7L) Ultima, Andeomon; your input may be appreciated but not now. We might run your discussion on #troubled_times, but let's give Nancy the stage here, okay?
(Matt) Hmmm heavy
(NancyL) This is so we can respond to those who have come to discuss, not disrupt.
(Karen) I second that
(Ultima) Wake up freinds nancy is gone, she is evil aspect she is zeta, i know u all know that stop lying to ur self for u all know what a lie is dont u join the light, the pledies
(Andeomon) Who is nancy talking to?
(NancyL) You, Andeomaon, for one.
(Andeomon) Negative is a more prescise word then evil. :) hi nancy :) lol
(Zetapal) They want their own show but can't get the ratings
(Torbj) Wow.....
(Andeomon) 777
(Cybervvizz) Andeomon, take a break,
(Ultima) So u wish to attack andeomon because u are weak how sad nancy
(LeRenard) Oh, so, the cult leader is more strtict now
(DraganR) Gerard please kill them
(Ultima) Wekll poor zeta
(Samsara2003) Just IGNORE Andeomon..
(Ultima) So weak
(Samsara2003) It's an option on MIRC
(Andeomon) Im just singing ... nothing much
(Ultima) So un biological, so un emotional, so un phycoligcail for they need the weak
(Samsara2003) :)
(NancyL) I think we can start with Le-R, Andeomon, and Ultima NOW, before I begin.
(Cybervvizz) It was even an early christian law to respect each other regardless of his opinion, so please be quiet
(Andeomon) You guys keep proving me right
(Ultima) O ur that weak as to kick us
(Andeomon) There we go :) thanks Nancy
(Ultima) For it is the truth
(LeRenard) Lol
(NancyL) Gerard, let me know when they've been killed.
(Andeomon) Love will win
(Ultima) Weak zeta
(Karen) You disrespect our right to be here
(Andeomon) Love will save the world....
(Ultima) Love wins over hate
(Matt) Oh man your kidding?
(Wage) Trolls
(Andeomon) lmao
(Zetapal) Bye guys... peace and love...
(Ultima) The hate aspect must b cleaned
(LeRenard) Sure cult leader, your lies will be unmasked, as your time is coming to an end, 2003 is not as far as you think it is
(Cybervvizz) Respect of your sister and brother is love either
(Andeomon) Cya zetapal
(NancyL) Is Gerard here?
(Ultima) Respect for all
(Grudda) I'm really on floor laughing
(Zetapal) Lol
(Ultima) And zeta as well
(DraganR) Kill them please
(Samsara2003) Haha
(Matt) Oh how nice.
(DraganR) Thnks
(Lebrasse) Phew ! thats better
(NancyL) OK, starting with Q1.
(NancyL) 1. What do you think of the stone slabs with relief on them which are supposed to be 120 million years old?
(Ultima) Poor nancy. annot win a spi fight so she boots. poor u
(NancyL) ZT: Reputedly an ancient map of the Ural Mountains were discovered, estimated age to be 120 millions years.
(Okidok) Ultima behave please
(Grudda) I recently ignored ultima.
(NancyL) ZT: In that the Ural Mountains are on a solid old plate, always remaining above sea level, it is probable and likely that their shape would be the same over the eons, for Earth.
(NancyL) ZT: Is this a true map, and who would have drawn this?
(NancyL) ZT: It is indeed real, although the age is not quite as estimated but more recent.
(NancyL) ZT: The map makers were NOT homo sapiens, or even hominoid.
(NancyL) ZT: As we have stated, homo sapiens is not the FIRST intelligent creature on Earth to be capable of forming souls.
(NancyL) ZT: Prior to the dieoff of the dinosaurs, there was another race, reptillian, that had been engineered to this level.
(NancyL) ZT: It was the handiwork of these creatures that was discovered.
(NancyL) End ZT followup?
(DraganR) Interesting
(BrianC) How old are they and who made them?
(Samsara2003) Have there been 4th density entities on Earth prior to modern 3rd density civilization?
(RobH) Then they had technology to make these very large maps?
(Torbj) What is this map showing... what was it used for?
(BrianC) Or just how old are they really?
(Mmt) Were they created in time or by traveing back in time?
(Grudda) Is there a link to a picture of this map?
(NancyL) ZT to BiranC: We estimate, based on when they were present, more akin to 90 million years ago.
(Karen) What happened to the reptilians?
(NancyL) ZT to Samsara: These reptilians had NOT progressed to 4th Density level, spiritually or physically, but were peers of man.
(Karen) Or rather where is there race today?
(Okidok) So the Reptilain is the origin habitants on this earth?
(BrianC) Thanks :-)
(Gerard) Karen: that was explained some time ago
(Guest1) Are they related to the Bandernburg group?
(sirgrim) What do the tablets say?
(Morko) pravda=truth ;)
(NancyL) ZT to RobH: Indeed, what you might term their hands were dextrous, as are lizards on your Earth today.
(Okidok) According to David Icke they still are here
(NancyL) Guest1, who is the Bandenrbug group?
(Grudda) Thanks
(Karen) I thought it was a "new" group sorry
(Guest1) Elite group of power brokers - ask Oki
(Wage) Think he means Bilderberge..
(Guest1) Thats it
(NancyL) OK, going to skip the Distance/Speed subject as I'll post the new ZT and this will flood, will clean up the other Q's first.
(NancyL) 1. Here is a news article on satellites and solar winds, if you could explain what the zetas think of it that.
(Okidok) Bilderberger is a fragment of the New World order
(NancyL) ZT: Lately, in early 2002, there has been noticable satellite trouble.
(NancyL) ZT: As we mentioned over a year ago, problems with the SOHO and other satellites were due NOT to the Sun, but to the approaching Planet X.
(NancyL) ZT: Then the problem seemed to go away, but this was, as we mentioned some months ago, due to the US government and others lofting additional satellites to cover such outages.
(NancyL) ZT: They did not report this, and the public is in general unaware of just how MANY satellites are aloft.
(TimeIsNear) False
(NancyL) ZT: For instance, by using China and other launch sites, remote and inaccessible to the news reporters, the public becomes unaware of how many satellites the intelligence community has aloft.
(NancyL) ZT: So what is then causing the new outages? Is this interference from the Sun, as reported?
(TimeIsNear) Was or not reported?
(NancyL) ZT: We have predicted that satellite problems will be so common by mid-2002 that phone conversations will on occasion drop, and e-mail be delayed to the point of being returned to sender on occasion.
(NancyL) ZT: Regardless of how many satellites are lofted, ALL will on occasion sputter, and this will be noticeable by mid-2002.
(PottM) Satellites build up electrical charges overtime this is a well known and well documented happening.
(Nondisclosure) Mark those words
(NancyL) ZT: This is caused by the same disturbances in the equilibrium of the solar system that is causing magnetic diffusion in your Earth's core, and
(Angelis) Greetings all
(NancyL) ZT: Heating and swirling of the core.
(Angelis) Hmm swirling, whast that cna u explain that for us?
(Guest) Hi Brian
(Cybervvizz) Sttt
(NancyL) ZT: Mankind does not understand or comprehend the multitude of sub-atomic particles that exist, and flow in patterns and have balance in the solar system.
(Angelis) Well I think we to zeta
(NancyL) ZT: Distrupted equilibrium means so much MORE than merely gravity and magnetism.
(Angelis) We just dont want to
(N) How many sattelites are there in space??
(Geobyte) Cool007 Ahoi
(Guest) What concepts of mathematics do you have?
(Cool007) Geobyte Zdrasti :)
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the STORY LINE will be the Sun, having a Mega-Cycle, as was floated out some years ago by NASA lackies.
(PottM) The truth is Nancy all that you say is not hard for someone to come up with want me to demonstrate?
(Torbj) Shut UP!
(Mmt) Why can't a regular 3600 year orbit for eons be part of the equilibrium?
(Angelis) Correct, yes, good guys, lets attaxk
(NancyL) ZT: How did they KNOW this would be, per their story, a Mega-Cycle? No data is proferred to the public, and the current satellite problems will be proferred instead as PROOF.
(Angelis) yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
(Debian) Cool007 ko staa :-)
(Cybervvizz) Angelis with please respect other beliefs
(Angelis) Well if look around we find nothing i even hacked nasa and guess what nancy
(NancyL) ZT: But go back to when the story was first floated. How did they know, supposedly, THEN that this would be a Mega-Cycle.
(Cool007) Debian zakysnqh mai, puk i gledam, ne6to atakuvat NancyL :)
(Angelis) Not there
(Geobyte) Abe tia sa ibati putkite liubov kam HaHcu
(NancyL) ZT: This is how the public can determine that this IS, indeed, a cover for the approaching Planet X.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(Debian) E to losho nqma
(Debian) Nali liubovta shte spasi chovechestvoto
(Mmt) Why can't a regular 3600 year orbit for eons be part of the equilibrium?
(Nondisclosure) Where does NASA state it's a Megacycle?
(Samsara2003) Is there truth in the rumor that NASA has more than one Hubble space telescope in orbit?
(Cool007) Xaxa, vii pyk sq ;)
(NancyL) MMT, too long a cycle to be what we understand as the equilibrium.
(BrianC) Does this have any relationship to the shoe dropping?
(Andeomon) NancyL , what education do you have? You work for NASA perhaps?
(RobH) Will there also be microwave problems with cellphones and such, soon? Or is that to happen later next year?
(NancyL) It is, in the LONG view, part of the equilibirum, but YOU don't think of it this way.
(Cybervvizz) Andeomon, what level of energy do YOU have
(Nondisclosure) Current cycle is obviously on decline, how can they state that?
(PottM) Listen all... There is no point in asking her questions she will answer only the easy ones.
(TimeIsNear) Haha
(S7L) Nondisclosure: if you for instance graph the energy of radio noise emitted by the Sun, for instance, you come to the conclusion that there is a stronger than usual second peak before activity usually falls down. I don't know if anyone working for NASA is directly behind the word 'mega-cycle'.
(Andeomon) Infinite
(NancyL) ZT to Samsara: There is a single Hubble, but it is more complex and cluttered with equipment than you are told.
(Nondisclosure) Second peak was 3 months ago
(Tizza) Guday all
(Cybervvizz) I think Your EGO is INFINITE for the moment
(Andeomon) I agree PottM
(Nondisclosure) S7L, then how can the Zetas claim that NASA is?
(Andeomon) Ok cyber :)
(Geobyte) I'm beginning to think that this is a big conspiracy
(Cybervvizz) Ok :-), still loves you ;-)
(NancyL) Nondis, it is not NASA, but (can't think of his name right off) Earth Changes TV or some such that floods this on the Internet all the time.
(S7L) Nondisclosure: oh, I didn't say to possess that information. I only said that I'm aware of there being substantiation of the 'mega cycle' theory
(Torbj) What is this?
(Samsara2003) Will the Annanuki's Civilization be visible by telescope from Earth during passage or does the Nibiruian Atmosphere prevent this?
(NancyL) Keeps reporting new sun spots and the like.
(Geobyte) And you're just wastin' our time while somebody makes his plans
(Gerard) Samsara: not related ...
(Cool007) Geobyte hmm
(Nondisclosure) Sunspots occur throughout the complete cycle.
(Samsara2003) What additional equipment has been installed on hubble and for what purpose?
(PottM) I mean this lady her portrays what she truly believes which has been proven time and time again to be be false or facts twisted. Her reality is reinforced by those who believe in it.
(Andeomon) Nancy do you belive in power of love?
(NancyL) Ron Darby, who used to work for CIA/DOD on satellite orbits, etc., programmed them, stated that all this business before Year 2000 when it was reported that we'd have a Mega-Cycle was balony.
(Okidok) Good question samsara2003
(NancyL) He stated that all the signes from the Sun were not different than other cycles.
(Andeomon) Nancy please ... why do you accept to be a slave and you enjoy it?
(Cybervvizz) It's free will
(Andeomon) And you know it
(Torbj) Why are you back, Andeomon?
(Gerard) Andemeon: hush
(Nondisclosure) He and probably 5,000 other observers, so why is the world dependant on one persons opinion?
(NancyL) PottM are you here to chat or just insult?
(Torbj) Do you want us to love you? I love you, Andeomon!
(NancyL) Gerard, please PERMANENT boot Andeomon!
(PottM) I'm not insulting you at all. If I wanted to insult you I guarentee I would be much harsher.
(BrianC) Can you let Nancy speak?
(S7L) NancyL: Andeomon and the Ultima dude promised to behave, hence the unbanning. They were on pretty short lease anyway.
(PottM) NancyL: You are not equipped to deal with me.
(Neil) Yes, let Nancy/Zetans speak
(Zetax) For true info on Ron Darby
(NancyL) Q3...
(NancyL) 1. Rotation stops in summer, long evening heating everything up, than PS, than a cold winter night, and winter afterwards? Or is it a gradual cooling over a few days? What should survivors take into account in this case?
(Cybervvizz) PottM, even when NancyL talks about Mickey Mouse is a space traveller, You should still respect her reality and her free choice of free will, and I can deal with YOU
(Cool007) NancyL: If you remember I create site for the planet, many people read it. But they want hard EVIDENCES. What should I tell them?
(NancyL) ZT: During the shift, the Earth heats up greatly due to the friction of the crust sliding over the core and other factors.
(TimeIsNear) That its not visible now... (as its never been)
(NancyL) ZT: This causes the globe in general to emit heat, on all continents and in all latitudes.
(NancyL) ZT: Those parts of the globe finding themselves in a colder lattitude than previously, will NOT suddenly freeze, within minutes, for instance.
(NancyL) ZT: However, the heat emitting from the ground alone will not comfort them for long, when the air temperature drops.
(PottM) I don't see much friction between solid and liquid.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the change in climate will affect those moving to a warner or colder climate within HOURS, and this should be anticipated by those wishing to survive.
(Gerard) Pottm: please .. wait until after the answer ..
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(Samsara2003) Will Volcanic ash in the air result in warming or cooling / and do what average degrees in Fahrenheit.
(PottM) That would be like saying your going over the water on water ski's wipe out and because of the friction you catch on fire.
(NancyL) PottM, you don't think a crust sliding over magma will cause heat?
(Nondisclosure) Lol
(PottM) Some but not much.
(RobH) PottM, the boundry between the mantle and crust is NOT a nice clean one, there are rough edges and unevenness
(RobH) Its not like the drawing in science books
(NancyL) PottM, Indian legends report, and Egyptian/Biblican times also, that the earth heated in places to the point of molten rock.
(Jerry) Will this heating cause problems with the large dams like Hoover?
(Samsara2003) Charles Hapgood refers to this layar as the MOHO layer...see "the path of the pole"...
(RobH) EXCELLENT book!
(PottM) Well shit Nancy legends Ok they saw a volcano.
(Zetapal) Hoover better worry about structure
(NancyL) Samsara, the Zetas have stated that cloud cover can TRAP heat, and will, and the Earth in general will not change either warmer or colder due to this.
(Torbj) The ach in the sky will perhaps be a relief to the people coming from colder areas to warmer, no direct sunlight?
(Neil) Distance/speed?
(Cybervvizz) Mm, the game tiberian sun has such spots either ;-)
(NancyL) ZT to Jerry: Hoover and other dams will in all likelyhood burst.
(Samsara2003) How long will the Volcanic ash be suspended in the air?
(TimeIsNear) NancyL: whats the IRS status of your nonprofit organization?
(PottM) NancyL: We know that clouds can trap heat.
(NancyL) ZT: Many dams have been structured where the LACK of fault lines assured safety.
(Jerry) Thanks
(Cool007) Geobyte, Debian leka vi ve4er, az 6te lqgam :)
(Cool007) Btw, haresa mi teoriqta za konspiraciq, koeto su6to e vuzmojna :)
(NancyL) ZT: But during the shift, the equivalent of Richer 9 quakes will shatter them. So much more than the WORST case envisioned by the architects.
(NancyL) End ZT to Jerry.
(Cool007) NancyL: if you remember I create site for the planet, many people read it. But they want hard EVIDENCES. What should i tell them?
(PottM) NancyL: Did you know the Hoover Dam has created Earth quakes?
(TimeIsNear) NancyL: whats the IRS status of your nonprofit organization?
(Jerry) So people downstream will have problems for water.
(RobH) Cool007 - wait till April, 2003
(Gerard) TimeIsNear: Uuuh not related ..
(Geobyte) Leka
(Cool007) Yeah, thats what I told them :)
(TimeIsNear) Lol
(NancyL) Samsara, 25 year gloom from volcanic dust, but in some places OCCASIONAL sunlight if not in direct path of volcanoes.
(PottM) Read that right on the page there they admit to doing underground nuclear testing.
(PottM) You don't think that won't cause increased Earth Quakes?
(Mmt) Will it be deniable to the public up to the last day?
(RobH) Or maybe we'll get some pictures in August, when Orion's out again?
(Samsara2003) I'll be 52... before I see the sky again.... Best get some outdoors this summer...
(NancyL) Time, we're still on, this is just a normal review, scheduled for all and for years has been scheduled for OUR nonprofit,
(Gerard) Just banned him.
(NancyL) PottM, you're showing you're not very bright here, so I'll not worry about responding to your Q's.
(Nondisclosure) Is the non-profit to continue after the pole shift?
(PottM) Let me bring up another proposal since the Hoover Dam has caused Earth Quakes and obviously is only a fraction of the mass of a city would it not be logical to see that the very building of cities causes Earth quakes?
(NancyL) Nondis, nothing related to paperwork or money or the like will exist after the shift.
(PottM) Come on now Nancy. I know the truth hurts you damn bad. Probably to the point you can't even acknowledge anymore what is real and what is not.
(USASpike) NancyL, you stated 9 magnitude quakes, is this a downsizing from the previous 15mag?
(RobH) Uhhhh, Ok ? SURE. Lol
(Jean-Marie) Climate change: season cycle will be disturbed for places going from one hemisphere to they other. Is it a factor to consider in the month following the PS?
(NancyL) OK, Q4 then, the Distance/Speed thing. I'm going to flood for a few minutes as I wrote this up this AM to save time, etc. Here we go ...
(BrianC) Yeah PottM , You really have her on the ropes here. Hehe
(NancyL) 1. How fast will Px travel during nearest earth flyby? Travel is a good Q and should be added to next weeks agenda. SPEED, and when and how fast, etc. The distance chart developed by TT members is not all right, as it is poky at times, faster at others, etc.
(NancyL) ZT: Journeys are seldom unimpeded. A speeding train finds it slows going around a turn, due to increased friction against the outer track, and picks up speed going downhill due to gravity assist. A speeding bullet loses speed going against the air it must pass through. Light rays passing through water get bend between the source and the eye, this diversion slowing the rate of passage slightly. Even in a vacuum, a moving particle is affected by gravity or magnetic influences nearby.
(Torbj) You will have spots on the surface that will not feel anything.
(NancyL) ZT: What does Planet X encounter during a passage, that changes its rate of speed? Where human math, using our statements as a guide, has attempted to pinpoint the location of Planet X during the months preceding the shift, the distance and speed cannot be computed steadily, as Planet X deals with MORE than the gravity pull of the Sun and the Repulsion Force invoked as it nears the Sun, during its passage.
(PottM) I've calculated that PX would have to travel several times faster than the cumulative speed of all other planets combined.
(NancyL) ZT: Where the human math attempts are a reasonable guideline, here is where it must be adjusted for deviation.
(NancyL) ZT: Particle Flows
(NancyL) ZT: Mankind is aware, only vaguely, of the particle flows that move in and out of the Sun. They sense what they term the Solar Wind because of the behavior of comet tails. They sense a magnetic press because the Earth's magnetosphere is pressed outward from the Sun.
(PottM) This is astronomically impossible.
(NancyL) ZT: They sense the truth in our statement that the Ecliptic is caused by the planets, held away from the Sun by the Repulsion Force, are bobbling in a backwash of particles moving back INTO the Sun. Why else does the Ecliptic exist? But mankind is aware of less than 1% of the possible particle flows, and is thus unaware of what Planet X might encounter on its journey. Not all particles emit from the poles of a rotating planet, re-entering at the waist.
(NancyL) ZT: Were this to be the case, the pathways for particle flows would be crowded, and some avoid each other or seek a less crowded path. Thus, Planet X encounters particles flowing OUTWARD as it approaches, in increasing density as it draws closer to the Sun, and this is a slowing influence.
(NancyL) ZT: Repulsion Force
(NancyL) ZT: We have described the Repulsion Force as being invoked late, only when two gravity giants come close enough for their laser blasts of gravity particles to ENCOUNTER each other, like two fire hoses of water pointed at each other, essentially holding them apart. For the inbound Planet X, the force of gravity, impelling an approach, increases as the flood of gravity particles RETURNING to the Sun presses against the back side of Planet X increases.
(NancyL) ZT: This is essentially exponential, an inverse square rate per man, as the number of returning particles becomes rapidly more dense the closer one comes to the Sun. But likewise the Repulsion Force increases, not due to any increase in the firehose of outbound gravity particles from Planet X, which remains steady, but due to the outbound bursts of gravity particles from the Sun becoming dense enough, at distances increasingly encountered by the approaching Planet X, to invoke a Repulsion Force of sorts, even when Planet X is afar. This is a drag on the inbound speed, a slowing influence.
(NancyL) ZT: Crowded Ecliptic
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that Planet X dives below the Ecliptic, when close to passage, to avoid the other planets in the Ecliptic. Like the wind buffeting that cars passing large trucks on the highway encounter, the other planets in the Ecliptic create particle flows from the SIDE, as well as backwards, against the inbound Planet X.
(PottM) Funny thing is Planet X did exist... Before Pluto, Neptune and Uranus were discovered.
(NancyL) ZT: This roiling encounters other roiling, all of which causes movement to from side to side as well as the forward motion toward the Sun, a delaying action, slowing the speed.
(S7L) NancyL: I guess we'll have to read this from usenet because length of your comments is too long for the IRC server buffers.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, when moving from the mid-point of its orbit between its two foci, the Sun and its dark twin some 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances away, the speed of passage is:
(Gerard) PottM: you know how it works .. please wait until after the answer it's even in the topic
(NancyL) ZT: - at first slow as the gravity particles pulling it toward the Sun are scarcely more than the gravity particles pulling it toward the dark twin.
(NancyL) ZT: - exponentially faster as the gravity particles increase at this rate the closer Planet X gets to the Sun
(NancyL) ZT: - without impediment when afar from the solar system as represented by the planets orbiting the Sun, alone
(NancyL) ZT: - increasing in essence at an exponential speed when approaching this solar system complex but the speed increase somewhat REDUCED in the 6 months before passage by the start of the Repulsion Force influence and particle flows or other crowding and buffeting influences,
(NancyL) ZT: - decreased dramatically at about the orbit of Mars by the braking action of the Repulsion Force, at last strong enough to counter the inbound plunge toward the Sun,
(NancyL) ZT: - slow to a floating rate so that it floats past the Earth during the week of rotation stoppage, which is the point it is also floating past the Sun, rather than zoom past
(NancyL) ZT: - increase in speed to leave the inner solar system as the laser blasts of gravity particles coming FROM the Sun added to the momentum PAST the Sun already in place combine to speed it on its way.
(NancyL) End ZT on ZetaTalk, Slowing Influences, followup:
(WooferBR) Are there a dead twin?
(PottM) All that seems like a load of senseless garbarge.
(Nondisclosure) So, it almost stops midway, then speeds up, then slows down again.
(NancyL) Woofer, this is in the Pole Shift and Science sections. Our Sun is a binary.
(WooferBR) Ok.
(Cybervvizz) Q: Is orbit of Planet X a O form or a 8 form ?
(Samsara2003) Q: If this is the case, why is it that we have not noticed comets moving at the speeds that Px is claimed to move at, as there are many long-period comets mankind believes to have orbital distances the same as px...
(NancyL) PottM can't envision friction, so he is over his head here, no comment.
(NancyL) Nondis, I think it is really SPEEDING when it approachs the inner solar system, just slows.
(TimeIsNear) Samsara2003 cause its a lie
(Jerry) Any chance the earth could spin in the opposite direction after the shift?
(Lebrasse) Nancy, later can you update us on the shoes please :-)
(NancyL) But yes, seems the "floating past" the Earth implies REALLY slowing down.
(S7L) But it's noteworthy that Nancy seems to have Aristotelean concept of motion where motion can't exist without a force causing it, somehow.
(N) Has the zeta's some to say about how the "volume " experience is related to the spirit, or even the design of our solar system?
(Nondisclosure) And it does the same manuveurs at the Sun's twin?
(PottM) I can see see friction. What I can't see is your reality.
(Gerard) N: not related
(NancyL) Cyber, like a train track. This is in Science section, big time.
(Mmt) Is the inverse rotation of Venus related to Px?
(PottM) I stated that there would be little friction of a solid passing over a liquid.
(RobH) Mmt - yes it seems and Uranus is on its side also because of a passage.
(NancyL) Samsara, in existing ZT (check the sci.astro posting I did today for background at this is explained.
(PottM) Otherwise you would get burned everytime you fall down on water ski's.
(NancyL) Comets are affected by the solar wind, greatly.
(Okidok) Are the underground facilities in Dulce constructed to survive Planet X passing?
(NancyL) Jerry, yes, and Plato reported this was what the ancients told him, etc, at times, the earth turns in the other direction, etc.
(Torbj) Is the speed of Planet X the same as Mother Earth´s at the time of rotational stoppage?
(SteveH) PottM, I guess you haven't water skiied much as you can get burned!
(NancyL) Read Prophecy section as I think that Plato quote is there.
(Adsf231) You would get burned if you move thousand miles per hour
(TimeIsNear) Samsara2003: better head for and type sci.astro... You'll see ALL of the posting there.
(Cybervvizz) It was even a concept of NASA to pull spaceships forwards with a huge shield, capturing solar wind.
(TimeIsNear) Samsara2003: not only Nancy's
(NancyL) Nondis, the Sun's dead twin and Sun do NOT do a binary dance, as their equilibrium has them at a standstill.
(Nondisclosure) No, I meant does Niburu go through the same motions at the "other end"?
(NancyL) Okidok, all underground facilities are at great risk. Big joke for those that built them with taxpayer money and thought to save just themselves.
(USASpike) Like the Bushes
(Guest) What is to be done for the future.
(NancyL) ZT to Torbj: The speed at which Planet X "floats past" the Earth is much faster than the rate the Earth travels in her orbit.
(Zetax) An "un-ignited" star and our sun cannot be in equilibrium. Especially if they both started with equal mass.
(NancyL) ZT: Planet X will be millions of miles from the Earth, not quite halfway between the Earth and Sun.
(Torbj) So we on earth will never see Planet X stand still then....
(NancyL) ZT: Where the speed of Planet X is suffient to move it from one side of Saturn's orbit to the other in 3 short months, is slows while close to the Sun.
(TimeIsNear) Why?
(NancyL) ZT: This is akin to the braking action a large truck barreling down the highway would have to do to maneuver a curve.
(USASpike) Will Class X solar flares increase prior to PS?
(TimeIsNear) So is someone maneuvering Planets X path?
(NancyL) ZT: Planet X grips the Earth, causing rotation stoppage, well before being between the Earth and Sun.
(Jerry) I have noticed that Sony camcorders have 'infrared' sensors on them... could they be used to help find PX?
(Jeremy) Are the detaching ice sheets of Antarctica directly related to the warming oceans, which in turn is caused by Planet X? Scientists report parts of Antarctica are also cooling despite the melting elsewhere.
(NancyL) ZT: It does so because it is approaching from the south, it's north pole to the Earth's south pole, at an angle such that the side of the Earth facing the Sun is more affected by the approach.
(TimeIsNear) NancyL, whats the name of the zeta channeled right now ?
(Cybervvizz) Q: at the moment most major planets are on one side of the sun, would that not protect us somehow or have influence to the orbit of Planet X? From which sign is PlanetX coming ?
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, while at some distance from the point of passage, it has gripped Earth to the point of not letting the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift GO.
(NancyL) ZT: During this week, the size of the approaching Planet X horrifies those on the daylight side of the Earth.
(Samsara2003) Why does a more severe poleshift occur during this passage, when Px is further away from the earth than the last passage?
(Nondisclosure) So we'll see it in daylight?
(NancyL) ZT: At first a reddish blob only a fraction of the size of the Moon, it grows in size and appears to twist and turn like a dragon in the sky.
(NancyL) ZT: The ancients recorded this as a fire dragon in the sky, as the tail of swirling moons gave this appearance.
(WooferBR) Maybe it happens just as described in Nostradamus...
(USASpike) This will be7 weeks prior to PS?
(Samsara2003) My god.... how horrible
(NancyL) ZT: When appoaching the point of passage, the shift suddenly happens, and this is BEFORE the point when Planet X is actually between the Earth and Sun.
(NancyL) ZT: After the passage, Planet X exits as quickly as it approached.
(NancyL) End ZT to .. whomever.
(Nondisclosure) So, two-three weks prior to the shift, we'll see it during daylight?
(NancyL) Samsar, this is also explained in existing ZT. Prior Shift writeup, I think.
(Samsara2003) Why does a more severe poleshift occur during this passage, when px is further away from the earth than the last passage? Is there an optimum distance that causes the greatest severity? etc..
(USASpike) What will be a bigger threat, comet tail debris or the winds?
(Torbj) Thanx!
(N) Is there also some trouble on Px itself??
(Cybervvizz) Qagain: at the moment most major planets are on one side of the sun, would that not protect us somehow or have influence to the orbit of Planet X ? From which side is PlanetX coming?
(NancyL) They said it was a closer passage, and thus a more sudden JERK this way and that, causing the continental RIP to drop the oceans of the world 16-20 feet further.
(NancyL) ZT: It was a quick shift away, but as it was so close, the core found it was in ALIGNMENT right after the passage, and stayed, did not continue to 90 degrees or more.
(PottM) NancyL: Where was Antarctica prior to the last major shift?
(Samsara2003) Before directly between the earth and the sun? The zeta state otherwise at
(NancyL) Nondis, 7 weeks prior, you will be able to see it, no scopes needed.
(Nondisclosure) Thanks
(Samsara2003) When the giant comet positions itself exactly between the Earth and its Sun, things change. The Earth then has its greatest advocate for its previous alignment, the Sun and its magnetic alignment, negated.
(TimeIsNear) Samsara2003: Hehe contradictions... contradictions....
(Okidok) Here is a image of Planet X on my web site
(Zetax) Yes... obvious contradiction
(NancyL) USA, debris, as if a huge rock drops on you, no escape or protection. But ALL will be affected by the winds, which you can defend against. Rocks, no defense, but rare.
(Mmt) How will the political state of the world be in the few weeks before?
(NancyL) N, Px just enjoys to show, so to speak. Not affected at all.
(BrianC) Nancy, any word on the shoe dropping?
(NancyL) Cyber, the other planets protect us? Except that Px drops below the Eliptic, to avoid them, no protection.
(USASpike) Metal shipping containers still considered the best shelter?
(Cybervvizz) Thanks
(NancyL) Cyber, look at the Asteroid Belt, were THEY protected?
(NancyL) PottM, check out the Ice Ages writeup in Science section. Shows the prior poles some steps back.
(KeyBoarDz) Rush's new album cover looks like PX.
(PottM) NancyL: Well I think those diagrams are BS as the ICE on Antarctica is estimated to be at least 100,000 thousand years old at it's lower levels.
(Abk) The other shoe dropping?
(Samsara2003) Sorry... no contradition... ZT stated ROTATION stoppage occurs before between the earth and the sun.... I was referring to the POLESHIFT occurance - which DOES occur when Nibiru is directly between the earth and the sun...
(NancyL) Gerard, Time is Near is flooding me, probably all of us, with notes. Can you kill him?
(PottM) This deviates greatly from what you propose it's true movement to be.
(TimeIsNear) All of us?
(PottM) Another reason why I think your full of yourself.
(Samsara2003) Wshhhuuuu.....
(Cybervvizz) I guess we will soon see more UFO's picking some people up, no? :-)
(TimeIsNear) What the heck r u talking about?
(Gerard) NancyL: u can use /ignore (nickname)
(Gerard) Works fine
(NancyL) Gerard, ok :-)
(Wage) Let's hear about the shoe dropping
(NancyL) The other shoe has not dropped yet. Shoes, that is.
(Zetapal) Ok
(Wage) What are the shoes?
(BrianC) Any estimate on when they will drop?
(NancyL) Think about what could happen, suddenly, when there is such a large coverup and the general public is beginning to sense how this will impact THEM.
(Torbj) Been a while now... start "training" to use your stomach first, then your brain... and you will survive!
(NancyL) A lot of folks go along with a coverup if panic is more worrysome than failing to inform folks.
(Jeremy) Any comments about the rapid series of iceberg detachments from Antarctica?
(Samsara2003) No... I take it back again... there WAS a contradiction...
(USASpike) When will that happen, before next year's taxes are due?
(TimeIsNear) Samsara2003 of couse, its all lies.
(NancyL) For instance, astronomers worldwide NOT talking about Px which they know is there, image, talk about among themselves, etc.
(TimeIsNear) Samsara2003 and you can't cover a lie with another lie...s ometime there will be a contradiction.
(Samsara2003) Does ZT state that the poleshift occurs before and at the time when Px is directly between the earth and the sun?
(Samsara2003) Does ZT state that the polshift occurs before OR at the time when Px is directly between the earth and the sun?
(NancyL) What is they decide they are nauseous about the coverup demands, the impact on mankind, uninformed, and TALK.
(Look4) Nancy, any comments regarding the obvious contradictions? thanks sam
(USASpike) Can amatuer astronomers see PX yet?
(Adsf231) When are there going to be more images of Px?
(NancyL) Think about the folks in the media, knowing that the powers that be KNOW about the possibilities, are stocking up and making plans, but not informing, for instance, THEM.
(Zetax) There are MANY contradictions...
(Torbj) If you know the "talk" of your stomach, you will never be in control of someone other then yourself!
(Karen) Do you think all the talk about Bush knowing about 911's possibility is part of this
(TimeIsNear) NancyL... so, what about the CONTRADICTIONS??
(NancyL) Might they be pissed at this? Might they lay boopers where the truth comes out? Might they have divided loyalties re the powers that be (politicians and NASA or whomever) and their feelings toward their own selves and family et al?
(Samsara2003) ZT on Website: When the giant comet positions itself exactly between the Earth and its Sun, things change.
(NancyL) What if they design in revelations into newscasts, and then say "oh, sorry", as they are pissed?
(NancyL) These are the types of shoes that can drop, etc.
(Samsara2003) Zet on IRC : ZT: When appoaching the point of passage, the shift suddenly happens, and this is BEFORE the point when Planet X is actually between the Earth and Sun.
(KeyBoarDz) The Rush album cover could be a revelation...
(NancyL) Samsara2003, ZT was stating, just now, that it occurs BEFORE it comes directly between, it is the passing NP of PX pulling the Earths SP with it, etc.
(NancyL) USA, check the TOPIC re sighting questions. All there.
(S7L) NP and SP are the north and south poles, lest anyone ask
(NancyL) Did I miss any really technical Q's about the Distance/Speed? I try to scan them all... IMO is not here, and I kind of expected him ...
(Samsara2003) Ok fine... thx for clearing that up. :) I got nervous there for a minute...
(Cybervvizz) Q: Don't understand your train track, is it an ecliptical orbit or an orbit in a 8 curve?
(NancyL) Time, the contradictions are with human understanding, which is wrong, and human math, which is wrong.
(NancyL) Thus, contradictions only in your mind.
(TimeIsNear) So, Zetas Right Always?
(Samsara2003) Nancy or anyone else: Are you familiar with
(PottM) NancyL: Why must you discount everything human?
(Zetax) No, I believe it is "Zetas Right Again!" he he
(NancyL) Cyber, the train track is a long stretched out eliptical orbit, NOT an egg shape, but closer to parallel tracks between the two foci.
(Cybervvizz) Thanks
(TimeIsNear) NancyL, please tell me... ZetaTalk is ALWAYS right?
(Torbj) As our friends Zetas are here for us now... more are... feel them.
(Jerry) Since Zetans are a few million years older... just maybe they might know something.
(PottM) You act as though humans were a right off just like your car.
(Samsara2003) Predictions of Px with Zeta coordinates that goes VERY deeply into alien theories of gravitation, particle flow, and density shifting... wondering if it's valid...
(KeyBoarDz) Nancy: How much longer will you do Zetachat? ... right up until the passing?
(NancyL) Time, Zetas have been right always in my experience. Only YOU think not because you bring in human THEORIES and say, they say otherwise, so they are wrong!
(Okidok) Will the Nibiruen inhabitants take a short visit to earth when they are passing, to say hello, how are u doing?
(TimeIsNear) NancyL, ok so everything human is wrong, and EVERYTHING Zeta is right
(NancyL) Samsara2003, GrantChronicles has no author or contact person, right?
(NancyL) Copies ZetaTalk a lot.
(Samsara2003) Yes - No authors
(TimeIsNear) NancyL: WHat about the movie you want to produce?
(Karen) As long as the satelites hold out I hope we have zetatalk
(Samsara2003) It seems valid, intuitively...
(TimeIsNear) NancyL: What about the movie you want to produce?
(NancyL) PottM, ZT discounts human logic because of people like YOU, who are arrogant and NOT right, etc.
(Samsara2003) Is it the orions or another alien group?
(Jeremy) Odidok: No, they are quarantined from Earth by the Council Of Worlds
(NancyL) I respect a lot of humans, just not those that lead with Flat Earth is RIGHT, approach, like you're doing.
(Morko) This is getting interesting
(TimeIsNear) NancyL: What about the movie you want to produce? Please , what is the status of that project of yours?
(Samsara2003) Suspicious however, as it claims to have received rebuttals to the site... unlikely if there are is no contact information... Lol
(PottM) NancyL: I'm only being as arrogant as you are towards humans.
(Jerry) To learn... you must have open mind to accept new ideas
(Cruithne) I will stay open minded to all things
(NancyL) Okidok, not mingling with the Nibiruians, we are quarantined from each other, etc.
(Zetapal) "human logic" versus "pure logic"? Hm interesting...
(Samsara2003) It's still a very interesting read, however
(BrianC) Do Zeta's fly triangular ships?
(TimeIsNear) NancyL: What about the movie you want to produce? Please , what is the status of that project of yours ?
(Nondisclosure) Jerry, but don't open your mind so much so as to be taken for a fool
(NancyL) Time, you dolt! I put that out years ago and did not change it since! It says "or other arrangement with a producer" like TV or short story in a magazine or whatever.
(Jeremy) Nancy, can the Zetas say anything about Anarctica please, as it is the most significant earth change process now occurring
(Torbj) The "right" logic is second logic.
(TimeIsNear) Well why dont u chaneg it?
(Jerry) That is where wisdom comes in Nondis.
(Samsara2003) Yes - Antarctica's changes are very dramatic...
(TimeIsNear) And why would uu want to do that, when theres so littler time before planetx passage
(NancyL) Samsara2003, maybe if you write the ISP you can get a contact, but I suspect not.
(Wage) Jeremy they did, it's melting b/c of heating of the core beneath the caps
(USASpike) Black oceans are pretty significant
(Nondisclosure) Correct Jerry
(NancyL) Time, I will, you have a valid point there, your first.
(Samsara2003) I wonder if the Zetas would comment on the validity of Chet Snow's Hypnotic future-life progressions by Helen Wambach...
(Jeremy) Wage: Did they say that earlier this session?
(NancyL) Time, however, I did get a serious contact from a producer just a couple months ago, and HE did not think the time too short!
(Samsara2003) Talks about life in the aftertime... it's a pretty dismal picture - at least for the first 100 years or so...
(NancyL) Hollywood knowledgeable you are NOT.
(TimeIsNear) Oh really?
(Zetapal) Yup
(Look4) Contact email for is rgrant@AOL.COM
(NancyL) Samsara, re Chet Snow et all 1. does he predict, 2. are his predictions valid? Else, no comment, per ZT rules, etc.
(Torbj) Hey...can zeta tell something about mankind´s feeling of "timerush"?
(Samsara2003) Look4: How do you know that?
(Cybervvizz) Q: Can we have some little example of Zeta Math, earlier zeta's stated they don't fill in paramteters and even don't use equitions. But even in our math we use formula's like Y)X+3 and Y(2*x
(TimeIsNear) If nothing happens by Jun 2003... will u gladly give back the donors money?
(Look4) Do a whois search on
(NancyL) I think I know rgrant.
(Torbj) Sorry about my English...
(Zetapal) No donors stoner
(TimeIsNear) NancyL: if nothing happens by Jun 2003... will u gladly give back the donors money?
(Okidok) Hmm hadde bare to treff på siden min,,, ikke særlig attraktiv tydeligvis?
(NancyL) Time, the donors are not complaining, YOU are complaining.
(Abk) Chet Snow does predict a major earth catastrophe around 2003, lots of loss of life
(Samsara2003) Who is rgrant? He talks like an alien... Lol
(Lebrasse) Are you going to do more IRC sessions Nancy?
(Zetax) Time: after you do the home improvements you can't cash the money back out again.
(Torbj) Norsk, okidokke
(Wage) Nancy what do the zetas say about the disclosures that the Bush White House had fore knowledge?
(Cruithne) Who came out with the 1st earth change map
(Zetapal) Cayce
(NancyL) OK folks, its past the hour and I've been lingering in case there were sci.astro kind of Q's, but none such.
(TimeIsNear) NancyL: if nothing happens by Jun 2003... will u gladly give back the donors money?
(NancyL) Re White House knowledge, will put this on the Agenda for next week.
(Zetapal) Thanks for the extra time nancy
(RobH) Thanks for another great session Nancy! Take care :)
(SteveH) Thanks Nancy and Z's
(Gerard) Bye Nancy it was a good session. Thanks to you and the Zetas
(NancyL) Bye bye all, and thanks for attending and inspiring great ZT.
(Nondisclosure) No point, sci.astro "type" questions are always answered with "humans are unaware of xxx"
Session Close: Sat May 18 18:23:57 2002