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Time Line Clues

Per the Zetas, the clue in supplanting percentages is given for June 2 in Italy at 50% supplanted, with 60% supplanted by Jul 15 in Southfield. Based on the same rate, this would supplanting by another 10% by Aug 28, Oct 10, to 90% by Nov 23. Presumably, 100% would not be necessary for Planet X to be dominant, as a magnet, supplanting the Sun.

Southfield : July 15, 2004
Italy : June 2, 2004

Per the Zetas, Pegsdon shows when magnetic planets (Earth, Planet X, Mercury) would align horizontally along the magnetic flow lines of the Sun, as Planet X is currently doing, or align side-by-side, the normal arrangment for both Earth and Mercury. Per the time line in Pegsdon, all three planets go horizontal before Planet X goes side-by-side. For Mercury to do this, it must be transiting in front of the Sun at the Dec 25 position where Earth is stalled. Mercury Was seen to transit in front of the Sun on May 7, 2003 and by increments of 87 days, the orbit period of Mercury, it would be between the Earth and Sun on about Nov 8.

Pegsdon : July 10, 2004
Wisconsin : July 4, 2003

Per the Zetas, Windmill Hill is relating sweep patterns to the point then Planet X reaches the Ecliptic and punches through. The diagram shows a pattern of 4, then 5, then 5, then 5, then 5 in a cycle where all are crowded to arrive at the Ecliptic point where the impact is magnified horizonatally. Since major sweeps happen 8 times a year or every 6.5 weeks, for a globe stalled in its orbit, as Earth is, this count doubles to every 3.2 weeks as the Earth is not chasing in front of the sweeping arms. Windmill Hill was laid down on July 17, in a sweep cycle that began on July 15. Counting forward by 3.2 week increments, we arrive at Nov 12.

Windmill Hill : July 17, 2004
Milkhill : June 26, 2004