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September Days

The calculation is simple really: Assume each ball on the Eastfield circle is the Earth for one day. There are 40 days in the outer ring taking us from August 2 (the day the circle appeared) to Sept. 10. This is where we move into the inner ring for 15 days (the quickening). Then, on Sept. 25, the rotation stops so that the last six inner circles are the 5.9 days of stoppage. Note that the Earth is shown to be wildly affected during these days, the circles are not in a straight line.
Harmony, re Eastfield

Again the math [for Southfield] is easy around this crop circle each orb representing 18 days if based on 360 or varying if calculated at 365 or 365.25 and so forth.
Harmony, re Southfield
Been looking for logical pattern in the Southfield cropcircle and find this:
- As Harmony, each side represent a season-period because it’s made geographically
where it is seasons. This give each season circle with diam 12x = ~18 days and this is the primary key.
- Inside there are 4 circles in each row with the a half diameter (6x) compared to the primimary key => 9 days for each little circle.
- The very inner circle has a diameter of 8x => 12 days.
- The four in a row are in an arch. There are eight of these arches. If you draw these eight directions further out you get an x on a + (360deg/8=45deg) as Planet X is in front of sun.
- This gives 4*9=36 days for personas to integrate. Then we would be at date (Aug 8 + 36 days) of Sep 13.
- Then finally we have 12 days (inner circle) left which gives the date of Sep 25 (Sep 14 + 12 days) Totally 48 days from August 8.
Carl-Jan, re Southfield

Post Mortum Results: Major back-to-back Global Quakes occurred on Sep 21, with 8+ quakes ensuing in Japan and Siberia shortly thereafter.