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Persona Merge

The Personas should begin to merge, the Red coming closer to the coordinate spot, as the weeks before the shift pass. It will be an irrelevant point, as the size and brightness of the complex will increase so that the issue of whether it is the red object here or the orange mass there will be irrelevant. The issue under discussion will be what this means for mankind.
ZetaTalk: Two Personas

Shortly after this Ohio soybean formation was made, it was noted in photos that merging of the personas had begun. The circle was laid on August 24, and merging was first noted on August 26. The Ohio circle implies placement of various personas around the Sun, as viewed from Earth. It may indicate the point of rotation stoppage, when the crisp spherical White (though actually pink) persona, the actual size and physical placement of Planet X, is centered so as to be between the Earth and the Sun. In the circle, the splashy and light-intensive Red persona can be seen as an Occulting Sun/Second Sun at the lower part of the Sun. The Fire Dragon, often seen with a halo around it of red dust, is centered beneath the Sun. Various other personas have been noted in the photos, including a star like Red Cross, a small Comet persona with a fan tail behind it, and two round and bright spherical personas always close together as Twin personas.